Yes, you read that right. You’ll have to find more than £30,000 to own a new Alaria TI.

That may seem like an awful lot of cash, but there is some sense behind that pricing. Parent company Lunar believes that luxury caravans are most in demand at the moment. While it has been buoyed in 2016 by a 7% rise in overall sales, it has also seen a 93% rise in sales of its hitherto top-notch Delta range.

While it’s primarily a touring caravan, the new Alaria brand is also partly aimed at those who want a seasonal tourer. That may explain the new range’s title – it’s an Italian girl’s name that translates as ‘accommodating’, although Lunar prefers to use the alternative meanings of ‘independence’, ‘confidence’ and ‘inquisitiveness’.

It also explains why the van comes with a superior kitchen to the Delta, and with proper domestic-style seating in a more comfortable L-shaped lounge.

All three models in the new Alaria range feature this front lounge and differ only in what lies beyond the kitchen.

The TI, which we are reviewing here and which Lunar expects to be the biggest seller, mirrors the layout of the similar best-selling Lunar Delta TI in having a transverse island bed and an end washroom.