The Argos 144/1895 sleeping bag is also called the Highlander Sleephuggerz 250gsm Single Cowl Sleeping Bag on the Argos website and is something of a hybrid sleeping bag.

Its pod shape 
is well suited to those people who are just a little larger than average, because it offers noticeably more room and width than most. But the hood arrangement is a slightly watered-down version of those usually found on mummy shaped sleeping bags: you get a drawstring to tighten the hood around your head, but there’s no form of baffle around the shoulders to lock in the warmth you create with your own body heat at night. Using the hood is essential if you’re six feet or taller, otherwise the main body of the bag will be too short for you.

There are fleece lined arm holes and it has popper fastening buttons that you can close easily when you’re not using the arm holes. 

Both the outer shell and the inner lining are Polyester: this is great from a washing point of view, because you can wash it in a normal washing machine at 30°C. The material stops just short of being too smooth and shiny.

The Hollow Fibre filling is 250gsm thick. The dimensions are 230cm (90.5 inches) long and 100cm (39.4 inches) wide at chest level.

There’s also an internal pocket where you can stash your cash, watch, earrings or other items you don’t want to lose in the bedding. There’s a compression bag, too, so that you can pack it down as small as possible to fit it into one of the caravan lockers. 

Presumably for hygiene reasons sleeping bags are not included in the ’30 day money back guarantee’ offered on most products by Argos, although your normal statutory consumer rights do still apply. Sleeping bag liners are available from Argos (£9.99 for a single sleeping bag liner, 143/9948 and £14.99 for a double sleeping bag liner, 144/5891) for those who would rather wash quick drying Polyester sheet fabric sleeping bag liners than entire sleeping bags in between holidays. They add an extra layer of warmth, as well.  

If you’re looking for the best cheap sleeping bags for sale in the UK, read our other sleeping bag reviews here. Our judges gave five stars to our overall winner, the Outwell Campion sleeping bag, £25, and this one, the Argos 144/1895 Highlander Sleephuggerz 250gsm Single Cowl Sleeping Bag, £25, is close behind it with four stars! It’s neck and neck with the Halfords Urban Escape Tahoe, £20 (four stars), Easy Camp Cosmos, £23 (four stars) and ahead of its stablemate, the Argos 927/6378, £20 (three stars). 

Medium priced sleeping bags that we considered in our group test of 14 products include the Vango Serenity at £41 (three stars), Kampa Double Layer Garnett at £35 (two stars), Kampa Single Layer Citrine, £43 (two stars) and SunnCamp Deluxe King Size Expression, £40 (three stars). 

Right at the top of the budget, the warmest sleeping bag we reviewed was the Robens Appalachion 1500 at £75 (three stars), a mummy sleeping bag for winter camping and caravanning holidays. We also reviewed the rectangular Coleman Vail Comfort sleeping bag, £53 (two stars), Musucbag Lite onesie style sleeping bag, £69 (four stars) and the Robens Trailhead 1500 mummy sleeping bag, £50 (four stars).