From Towcar Awards 2008

‘TOWING’ AND ‘QUICK’ aren’t two words which usually sit well together, but the Audi Q7 changes that. Even compared with other 4x4s like the Range Rover Sport and BMW X5, the Q7 is staggeringly swift. The 30-60mph sprint took 8.7 seconds, even with two tonnes of caravan in tow. Many cars wouldn’t match that solo.

The Q7 bullied the lane-change test into submission. The G-force reading never exceeded 0.7 in the caravan. At higher speeds the Audi was every bit as stable, and while the ride was firm, it wasn’t harsh. You could happily tow all day and driver and passengers would arrive feeling fresh.

As a seven-seater, it’s not as family-friendly as a Discovery. There isn’t as much legroom in the third row and the boot isn’t as spacious: it couldn’t quite manage our full load of luggage. A combined economy of 25.4mpg means high fuel bills. But if that doesn’t faze you, little comes close. 

4/5: Incredibly fast and stable. Win the lottery, and this is the car.

List price when tested: £50,695
Kerbweight: 2525kg
85% match: 2146kg
Max towing weight: 3200kg
Towball limit: 130kg
30-60mph: 8.7 secs
30-0mph: 11.6m

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