Not content with refreshing its mid-ranking Pegasus range from stem to stern for the fourth time in its relatively short life, Bailey has gone one step further by adding three new models and heavily revising another.

Of the new models being offered, we think the new Modena is the most intriguing, offering as it does the latest Verona’s hugely desirable French bed/end washroom layout, but squeezed into a caravan that’s more than 0.6m (2ft) shorter and 175kg lighter when fully-laden. Better still, it’s a bit cheaper too.

Obviously, the beds up front are shorter (but then, the Verona’s 1.6m (5ft 3in) settees aren’t long enough to serve as adult beds anyway), but the French bed out back remains the same size. And if there’s a real, discernible difference between the two caravans’ full-width end washrooms, then you’ve got better eyesight than we have.

And of course, the Modena (named, incidentally, after the Italian town where Ferraris are made) boasts all of the many improvements Bailey has introduced into the latest Pegasus, including a Unicorn-alike exterior and interior and – finally – Polar White bodywork.

The problem is, Bailey’s rivals haven’t exactly been standing still in the time it’s taken for Pegasus IV to take over from Pegasus III (aka ‘GT65’), so does it have what it takes to come out on top? And to see other Bailey caravans for sale, click here.