Bailey has never replicated the success it had with its Ranger line-up, built between 1996 and 2010. It launched the quirky Orion using its Alu-Tech bodyshell construction, but this range was never a top seller. Pursuit followed and although heavily marketed by Bailey, it never hit the spot – but it did do better than Orion. In January 2017 Pursuit was re-invented but with tough competition from the likes of Sprite, Venus and Xplore, sales struggled. Enter the Phoenix, Bailey’s latest entry level tourer (although it’s being marketed as a ‘first choice’ caravan). 

With a good selection of layouts – seven in all – the 420 we’re looking at here is the end-washroom two-berth (one of the better sellers in the defunct Pursuit range, in fact). The new Phoenix comes with the same design package as its siblings, with a vertical front window. At the rear, a new lower panel has been added, to try to give the Phoenix a more upmarket look. So how does the 420 compare with its rivals? It’s a tough segment to compete in, with the benchmark Sprite being a top seller, helped no doubt by its many dealer special editions.