Bristol-based Bailey is different to the other British manufacturers. While most rivals unveil updates to all of their ranges every year, Bailey tends to launch a new model then leave it largely unchanged for three seasons before an all-new replacement arrives.

So what are we doing reviewing a new Unicorn, just two years into its production cycle?

This is market forces at work. Such is the popularity of the centre-washroom, rear-island-bed floorplan adopted by every other manufacturer over the past two seasons, that Bailey wanted a piece of the action.

The result is this, the Bailey Unicorn Cabrera. It breaks with the Bailey flagship precedent by having its washroom in the middle, rather than across the rear – where instead you’ll find an island bed.

From outside it’s little changed from the remainder of the Unicorn range, although the Cabrera has a smaller, square front-nearside window and a slightly raised central-washroom window. It’s better-looking than the previous Unicorn, but is starting to look a bit dated beside the likes of the Swift Conqueror.

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