NOW THAT IT’S May, the sun is still shining when we look out of our office window at 5.30pm. This means two exciting things: one, it’s caravan season; two, it’s time for a BBQ.

It would be nice to have a full gas barbecue on holiday, yet realistically most are too heavy or bulky to be carried in the car or van. Fear not, because the Bar-be-quick instant barbecue stand offers a perfect blend of practicality and ease of use – ideal for when on tour.

Keep site wardens happy

The majorty of sites that give the green light to personal BBQs ask that they be kept off the ground – and for good reason. Bar-be-quick’s reusable stand gives the instant BBQ that clearance, while being extremely light and foldable.

Most standard-size (rather than party or family size) instant BBQs will sit in the stand just fine, and the folding legs are held in place by two strong clips. It also makes moving the BBQ a doddle, as its powder-coated heat-resistant finish stays cool to the touch.

The stand costs £10 and Bar-be-Quick’s single standard size instant BBQs cost £3 each. Alternatively a festival pack consisting of 12 standard BBQs and a stand is £40.

To our minds, this little accessory is simple and offers a better alternative to the wobbly wire stands you’ll find included in instant BBQ packs. Its price, practicality and usefulness make it worth considering for your next holiday.