CLEANING OUT A charcoal barbecue when moving on every couple of days is too time consuming. Ideally, if touring you need something small, easy to clean and easy to stow. Something like the Camping Gaz party grill.

This gas-powered portable grill knocks down small for storage but gives a 14in diameter cooking surface when in use. The non-stick cooking surface has a small hot plate so you can fry eggs and mushrooms for your cooked breakfast as well as complete more traditional barbecue duties.

The burner is not ever so big, so cooking can be quite leisurely but when you’re on holiday, there’s no rush. To aid cleaning, a tray underneath the cooking surface is filled with water so fat that drips in is simply poured away after cooking.

The whole unit stows in a carry bag which has space for a single gas canister too. The correct 270/470 canisters are self-sealing too, so be disconnected when half-full and reattached later without problems.

The biggest downside is definitely the way the legs fit. Care must be taken when removing them to avoid fracturing them.The other thing to bear in mind that it is fine for a couple to eat from, but if you are cooking for larger groups, you really need something a little more substantial.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent portable grill and if you shop around you will comfortably beat the recommend price.