Andy Jenkinson

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Built by Lunar, Venus is already a top-value line up, but with the Marquis Deluxe special, this well-equipped two-berth is an absolute steal.


The Venus range was first launched in 2012 at the Excel London Show; they were light and well-priced, although not particularly exciting.

But in 2015, the range had a full make-over and in the next few years, became a popular choice for first-time buyers.

So with few dealer specials ever produced, we were rather excited to see Marquis take on the Lunar brand, because we guessed they might develop a special from the Venus.

The venus is a well-equipped, entry-level tourer, and you might think that adding to this, but keeping the price the same, would be impossible. But Marquis has done just that - added spec and kept the price the same as the standard Venus. And at the time of writing, any new Venus Deluxe sold includes a free mover.

We checked out the latest addition, the 460/2. Looking at the exterior, the Deluxe is clearly differentiated from the standard Venus line-up. The major change here is the use of new graphics on the sides, modelled from the Lunar ranges.

Pitching and setting up

The 460/2 comes with alloys finished in black, adding to the upmarket looks. Built on an Al-Ko chassis, the Venus Deluxe has an AKS stabiliser hitch, and a spare wheel fitted as standard.

These are all options on the standard Venus, but with the Deluxe, they come as standard kit. The Deluxe also has a gas barbecue at the front nearside, and an exterior side locker with mains socket. Another upgrade in the 460/2 is the glazed door.

Like the standard version, the Deluxe has the latest Status TV aerial; it also has a separate radio aerial on the offside, which is where all the service points are. An LED helps in using the front gas locker at night, and with well-placed grab handles, the 460/2 is easy to move. The corner steadies are easily accessed.


Despite the wet, wintry weather in which we ran our test, the Venus still felt bright and airy - that's down to its smart decor. The panoramic front window lets in plenty of natural light and provides an excellent view.

The Venus has no sunroof, but the lounge has a large, opening skylight, which allows in yet more natural light. This means you keep your front overhead lockers, which also contain the radio.

Seating is first-class, offering good support, and comes with bolster and scatter cushions.

There's a mains socket and heater duct in the lounge area, while overhead lockers along the sides offer good storage space.

The curtains are the same as those in the more expensive Lunar Lexon.

Interior lighting is excellent, with LED roof lights, a touch-operated LED ceiling light and corner spotlights, which also have USB sockets.

The front chest of drawers houses a slide-out coffee table and cupboard; for main meals, there is a freestanding table.


The side kitchen has a generous amount of worktop, even without employing the extension flap. Storage is good here, too, while the fridge/freezer and dual-fuel hob are as you'd expect from this brand. The standard oven is complemented by a microwave, placed just above the kitchen in line with the overhead lockers.

There's a well-placed mains socket here and LED lighting, while opposite the kitchen is a side dresser. This provides more worktop should it be needed.

The freestanding table for the lounge is stored in the kitchen, in its own cupboard.

The large stainless steel sink has a clip-on drainer, and the cutlery drawer is located below this. The kitchen is very practical and offers plenty of space and equipment, plus a roof vent just where it's needed.


Lunar's end washrooms are some of the best in the business. You might be expecting lower-spec finish and detail in the Venus washroom, but you'd be wrong - it's very good indeed.

The washroom is really quite spacious, and unlike some more expensive models, this one also comes with a large side window and a roof vent. This allows lots of natural light and ventilation to be provided.

Another neat design feature you'll find here is the soft-touch ceiling light, which is operated with a pull cord.

Surprisingly, the Thetford cassette toilet is not an electric flush, but the manual flush does mean there is less to go wrong. The large handbasin has storage underneath and a big mirror above. There are two wardrobes, a larger one in the offside corner and smaller one at the side, next to the shower cubicle. The smaller wardrobe also has a cupboard below.

The shower itself is fully lined and spacious enough to use in comfort, while also having bi-fold doors for added privacy.


Seating in the front lounge easily converts into a comfortable and supportive double bed using two sturdy slide-out frames.

Of course, if you prefer, the settees in the lounge can also be used as twin single beds; in this case, you simply remove the backrests to increase the width of the sleeping area.


Another strong point in the 460/2 is its storage - there is plenty! The front overhead lockers are shelved, the side kitchen has lots of shelving and cupboard space, and the side dresser provides two large shelved cupboards and another overhead locker.

In the washroom, you'll find two wardrobes and good storage beneath the handbasin.

For two, the Venus offers more than enough storage - there is even a small cupboard for shoes by the entrance door. And don't forget the side locker and that large front gas locker, either.

Technical specs

Interior length4.58m
Shipping length6.16m
Awning size910cm


The Venus 460/2 is a value-for-money tourer, and in the Marquis Deluxe, you get all that extra spec for no additional cash, making it one of the best for value in its class. We particularly like the smart décor, inside and out, and the excellent lighting and storage.



  • Brilliant spec, lightweight and terrific value


  • Manual flush toilet
  • No side flaps to underseat storage