Hymer's two-berth has a solid build and high-quality finish that you'd expect at this price, but with a few omissions from the spec, says Andrew Jenkinson.


Hymer's Nova tourers have never been big UK sellers - weight and cost played a part in this. But if you're looking for great build and extra quality, and you're willing to pay the price, they should be on your shortlist. 

The 470GL features Hymer's couples' layout, with front lounge and end washroom. 

This tourer can be plated to 1800kg, so it's no lightweight. The spec is reasonable, but some items on the options list might come as a surprise. 

Pitching and setting up

On the outside, the Hymer is no sleek looker - it's neat and smart, but some might find it lacking a little styling finesse. Built on an Al-Ko chassis, complete with heavy-duty corner steadies, the chassis also has an extra-long A-frame.

An AKS hitch is fitted, as well as ATC, and a cycle rack is placed at the font, too. The body shell has Hymer's PUAL construction system, which stems from the aircraft industry. There is a 51mm floor for good insulation and strength. The sides are aluminium and the entrance door has a folding step.

Alloy wheels are fitted and you also get a Status 570 TV aerial, plus a super-large sunroof.

Some buyers might be rather surprised to see the panoramic front window - this usually says 'entry-level' in the UK.

The large front gas locker allows for some extra storage space, and the external barbecue point and mains socket add to the high level of spec. There are dedicated external lockers, too.

The rear road lights are a special Hybrid Hymer design. As you'd expect, the overall fit and finish are extremely good. However, another point to bear in mind is the glazed door, which is not on the UK side.


The front lounge area is, as you would expect, pretty large, and it's bright and airy, with natural light flooding in through the window and sunroof. There's also a manually operated skylight.

The central chest of drawers has one drawer and a very useful pull-out coffee table. The seat bases don't have access flaps, so the whole seat has to be lifted to reach the storage areas below - but at least they are on struts.

Along the side walls, there are overhead lockers with shelving below, but at the front, you only get a shelf.

The seating is comfortable and supportive, with curved backrests and four scatter cushions. Night-time illumination is through LED lights surrounding the roof vent, and corner spotlights.

Speakers for the CD/radio are mounted on the front window pillars. Mains sockets are fitted here, and a blown-air outlet.

The Hymer has the Truma heating system, but it also has underfloor heating, and a 50-litre on-board water tank.


The kitchen on the offside is well equipped, as you would expect at this price point. A full oven with a dual-fuel hob is placed next to the large stainless steel sink.

There's a fridge fitted opposite in the dresser, but a microwave isn't standard.

The kitchen provides good storage space, with three large easy-glide drawers.

Two big overhead lockers have three integral LED downlights, giving plenty of illumination, and three useful mains sockets are also located in this area.

The stainless-steel sink is a good size, although the worktop isn't exactly generous and there's no folding extension flap.

Opposite, the side dresser houses the fridge and the CD/radio. Two more mains sockets can be found here, with USB points. There is also a fold-out TV stand. Overall, the kitchen is very practical, but we think a microwave should be included.


End-washrooms are a selling point for some buyers, so the Hymer scores well here in many respects. The entrance door has a full-height mirror mounted on the back, and there is a small mirror above the handbasin.

The shower cubicle is on the right as you walk in and the wardrobe is placed opposite. The Status TV aerial is fitted here. The handbasin is stylish, but quite shallow, so it won't hold much water. Above is a large roof vent with four LEDs, providing excellent lighting.

Below the handbasin is a super storage cupboard, plus a wall cabinet on the left. The shower cubicle is a one-piece moulded unit, which is a simple design with moulded shelves and LED lighting, plus another roof vent. Surprisingly, no window is fitted in the washroom, something you might expect at this price level.


The 470GL has the standard two-berth end-washroom layout, with front lounge, and it's the lounge seating that converts into a bed.

Making up the comfortable double bed is easily done, with a high-quality slatted system that is simple to operate. You won't have any problems with slats coming off the rails.

The bed converts quickly to a double, or you can use the twin settees as single beds. Whichever you choose, the beds should be spacious and comfortable - the double is especially generous.


The storage space for two in the Hymer is really more than enough, even with no overhead lockers at the front. The side roof lockers are a generous size and storage provision is helped out by the central chest of drawers.

Underseat storage is good, and in the kitchen, those three large easy-glide drawers offer even more. The freestanding table has a large storage cupboard by the kitchen, with room for some extra bits and pieces if needed.

The side dresser, like the kitchen, has overhead storage, but the fridge takes up the rest. However, by the door there is another cupboard and handy cubbyholes. The washroom has very good storage and, lastly, the storage space in the wardrobe isn't to be sniffed at, either.

Technical specs

Interior length5.54m
Shipping length6.88m
Awning size939cm


The Nova is a heavy beast, and UK buyers might miss that triple front window. It's functional but doesn't shout luxury. The washroom is fine, but this is not a cheap tourer and the door is on the 'wrong' side. But if you want that Hymer badge, it's the price you have to pay!



  • Great build
  • End washroom


  • No window in the washroom
  • No Alde heating
  • High price tag