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We review the revamped luxury Bailey Unicorn 4 berth caravan


Despite the name, this is not a special edition. Every Unicorn that rolls off Bailey’s assembly line for 2020 will be a Black Edition. They have also reduced the model tally from 11 to seven. 

The Seville has gone, along with the 3 berth caravan Madrid, and two of the four twin-axles: the 4 berth caravan Barcelona and 6 berth caravan Segovia.

One that made it through, however, is the Vigo, a 4 berth caravan with a popular transverse island bed and rear-washroom layout.

Pitching and setting up

Many of the major changes are on the outside. There are new decals down the side and back, where the ‘B’ for Bailey is less obtrusive. The firm has opted to retain the single grab handle across the back, too.

You also get 14-inch alloys in graphite, for a sportier look. Shock absorbers, an AKS 3004 stabiliser and the ATC trailer control system are all fitted as standard. When it comes to setting up camp, you only get heavy-duty corner steadies on the rear corners, but that is really where you need them.

There are external access doors to the nearside underseat area, which is almost entirely waterproofed, so makes a great wet locker. There’s also external access to the area under the bed, so you can bring outdoor furniture out fairly easily.


A grab handle helps you climb in through the stable door, and a little door to your left gives access to the waterproofed underseat locker from inside, to put your muddy boots away.

Our model had the optional Alperton furnishing scheme, mainly brown, contrasted with scatter cushions in pink.

The standard Brompton colour scheme is more neutral. Wood finish is Eucalyptus, as it was in the standard Unicorns, but locker doors have a cream gloss Italian design. As with the new Alicanto, you get mirrored backgrounds on corner shelves.

The kneeroll on the facing settees is more noticeable than some, but generally this is a comfortable lounge. It’s well lit during the day, thanks partly to the large central window and rooflight, and at night to ambient lighting, two LEDs in the centre of the ceiling and four spotlights. Two of these have USB sockets (out of a total of eight), with, as usual by now, pockets nearby to hold anything you might be charging.

There are two mains sockets by the window, and TV sockets by the door where you could position a TV bracket.

The central chest has a shelf that slides out for drinks and snacks. Only the foldaway table is a bit of a bind to find. It is stored under the bed at the rear.


The Unicorn Black Edition may be near top-of-the-range, but Bailey hasn’t gone for the new Series 10 Dometic fridge with two-way opening doors. You just get a 134-litre slimline Dometic fridge – but that should be enough for four. There are adequate lockers above and below this.

In the kitchen, the now standard wooden hob cover adds to the generous workspace with an extension, with two mains sockets near at hand, and a round stainless-steel sink. This area is finished off with a Perspex splashback around the window, tastefully finished with a restrained leaf pattern.

There is just one locker next to the microwave overhead. One half of it is shelved, while the other holds crockery racks.

Unfortunately, the catch for this locker is still located some way from the handle, so you
are likely to need two hands to open it.

There are three large drawers under the larger ‘L’ part of the kitchen unit, one including a cutlery tray. On the other side of the Thetford Caprice Mk III oven and grill is a shelved cupboard with a wine rack.


A huge lit mirror across the back of the washroom makes it feel much wider than it is. Still, there is adequate room to move around here, and you get two useful hooks by the door. There is plenty of light from the rooflight or an LED ceiling light.

The salad bowl-style basin has been retained, as has the laundry basket you can pull out underneath this.

There is still room for three shelves for cosmetics, leaving the less sightly items to go in the shelved cupboard above the toilet on the offside. In here you will also find a toothbrush mug.

The shower on the nearside is reasonably large. It comes with its own LED light, a roof vent and a clothes rail.


The end of the transverse island bed is a little close to the wall when it is pulled out, but the bed is comfortable. You can’t really describe the unit at the front on the offside as a dresser – it’s not as big as some we’ve seen – but it does include a mirror with shelves, and an unshelved cupboard below that. You get two spotlights over the headboard, too.

The double bed at the front is still made up with slats, not platforms. Alternatively – and as long as you are no more than about 5ft 7in – you can just use the front settees as singles.


If you are travelling as a couple, there is plenty of room for storing clothes, with a wardrobe and lower cupboard either side of the rear bed. Two overhead lockers here have open shelving between them. You also get plenty of accessible space underneath the bed.

Up front, storage is a bit more limited. The nearside underseat can be accessed externally or by lifting the slats. The offside area is a bit more cluttered. There are two overhead lockers each side, with one shelved and one left free for larger items.

Technical specs

Interior length5.83m
Shipping length7.36m


The luxury market is evolving fast, so Bailey was wise to refresh the Unicorn this season. The Vigo is still a great van for a couple or a larger group, and now looks sportier. There are still a couple of niggles, but we can see why this layout made it through.

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  • Sporty looks
  • Large kitchen


  • Front double still made with slats