Rory White

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First look, September 2008

Does Dethleffs Campy offer a glimpse of where caravan design is going? This question is very much open to discussion. But one thing's certain: it's eye-catching.

On top of that, it will be an 85% match for any car with a kerbweight of at least 1059kg, and it has the potential to appeal to people who wouldn't consider more traditional caravans.


Its internal layout is similar to the Adria Action's. The rear corner washroom and kitchen are reminiscent of traditional British compacts, but everything else will be unfamiliar to UK buyers. The centre dinette is certainly novel.

For traditionally minded buyers, this will seem a little strange but in context it works. The seats are a little upright and aren't that big, but you can get comfortable, particularly if you slide the table under the fixed bed.


In terms of how it all works, the small kitchen has a two-burner hob and a small amount of worktop space, but the fridge is large for such a compact caravan and the kitchen storage is ample for two if they travel light.

Elsewhere, the lack of any 12V system is disappointing because it means the Campy is completely reliant on mains electricity, or the towcar, to power the lighting.


The washroom has a basin and toilet. Storage-wise, there are shelves and a wardrobe (which is quite narrow), which sits above the onboard water tank.


The waist height of the bed may unnerve some, but it's big enough to be comfortable, although the person sleeping toward the front of the van, may find the sloping front too close.


As well as a wardrobe and shelves in the washroom, there's also an overhead shelf and cupboard in the lounge, plus under-bed storage.

Technical specs

Interior length5.15m
Shipping length5.15m


Compact caravan for extroverts. The front-loading door makes it great for cyclists or canoeists.



  • The allure of easy handling, simple towcar matching and affordability will outweigh those frills


  • The Campy won't please everyone
  • Lounge space is limited, there's no 12V and no shower – all of which will put off some buyers