Claudia Dowell
Features Editor

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Twin test, June 2009

Pitching and setting up

The BPW chassis includes an integrated noseweight gauge, Winterhoff stabiliser, buttonless handbrake and alloy wheels. The steadies and drains are easy to reach. Front and rear panels are full height and look smart, but it’s the flush-fit, framed privacy windows that really stand out.

The Hartal two-piece entrance door with a half-glazed top is less handsome, but has a heavy-duty handle. At 1900kg, the Elddis is very heavy.


L-shaped seating in the front lounge gives a lovely open-plan area but it is less successful as a dining space. It makes more sense to eat in the rear lounge which can seat six if the centre chest’s extension is used.

LED pelmet lights in the front lounge provide gentle illumination that is just enough to read by. Three halogen spotlights, 12V corner lights and a ceiling-mounted fluorescent keep things bright there. Four further halogens and a fluorescent do the same job at the rear.

There are also large Heki rooflights over both lounges. A TV can be placed on the end of the kitchen worktop or on the centre chest in the rear lounge.


The kitchen is huge, with nearly two metres of worktop, but extra lighting above it would be beneficial. Three large cupboards, two drawers and two roof lockers provide storage. A separate oven and grill, three-burner gas hob and eye-level microwave complete the cooking kit. The huge fridge and separate freezer are ideal for a family van.


The side washroom makes the most of the available space. The van’s length provides enough space for a separate shower cubicle. Access to the shower is quite narrow, but the folding door feels substantial and of high quality. Headroom in the shower is adequate at 1.89m.

The washroom’s back wall is clad in a moulded-plastic unit that includes several shelves. There are nine washroom shelves in total, along with a small, dirty-washing storage locker and a cupboard under the sink. The Thetford C-250 toilet has an electric flush and a wheeled 18-litre waste tank. With the bowl swivelled to face the door there is plenty of legroom. The counter is low at 78cm, which makes the basin difficult for tall caravanners to use comfortably.


The front double bed is assembled by pulling long slats from under the front seat. It works well, but getting the cushions in the right order takes a bit of working out the first time. The square cushion in the nearside front corner needs to be rotated to ensure the knee roll is on the outside edge of the bed. The only place for a glass of water or a pair of glasses is on the end of the kitchen worktop and care must be taken not to kick the blinds at the foot of the bed during the night.

The rear beds are fiddly to assemble, and each top bunk gets a folding foam mattress that is divided into six pieces, which might severely reduce support. The ladders are tricky to attach, too, while the bed guards needed an extra firm push to fit into place. The bottom bunks benefit from the seat cushions and are a much better bet for a good night’s sleep. There are no lights for the bottom bunks, but the centre chest is ideal as a night stand. The rear lounge can be converted into a large double bed if required.


Losing the offside seat locker in the front lounge reduces storage space more than expected. The wardrobe is also small for a caravan of this size, a casualty of the large fridge and obstructions inside the wardrobe that limit available space. Aside from that, washroom and kitchen storage are good and the rear seat lockers are spacious.

Technical specs

Interior length6.26m
Shipping length6.96m
Awning size1046cm


A vast caravan brimming with showroom appeal. Weight might put some buyers off – 7/10



  • The flexible L-shaped lounge is a great daytime space and, with a large rear lounge as well, the Superstorm works well
  • The fridge-freezer is huge and putting it on the offside of the van means there is loads of storage space in the kitchen.


  • The L-shaped lounge does not, however, make the ideal dining space
  • On the other hand, the rear lounge does so this is not a major issue
  • The Elddis weighs a lot, the unlabelled switchgear is inconvenient to use and space in the wardrobe is very limited.