Claudia Dowell
Features Editor

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First look review, October 2009

Only a foolhardy punter would have bet against this layout becoming an overnight success. And for good reason. A fixed bed in a single-axle van, without the compromise of a corner washroom, is highly desirable.
Caravanners have been flocking to buy the layout, making it the most popular of this season. But if you’ve been waiting for a sophisticated, luxurious model, it’s time to get your cheque book out.

After successfully introducing the SE layout in its Lexon range, Lunar is adding it to the high-end Clubman range. It will be launched at The Lawns show but Practical Caravan has already had a chance to put it through its paces.

Pitching and setting up

This is a good-looking van. The new graphics, stainless steel grab handles and re-designed rear panel give it a sleek appearance. The outside of the van also provides a hint as to how well equipped it is – while pitching I noticed ATC trailer control; a satellite TV point in the battery box; a super pitch connection point and a shower connection point.


Inside, the list of standard kit is just as impressive. The van is equipped with Alde Wet Central Heating, a combined system for heating and hot water. It’s the first time this heating system has been available in a single-axle van.

Then there are the little things that mark this van as sophisticated. The lights are all LED. These require less power and remain cool to the touch. There are bolster cushions, throw cushions and lumbar cushions to make lounging comfortable. And there’s even a heated towel rail in the washroom.

Few vans could match such a list, and those that come close are twin-axles. The Clubman SE is a single-axle on the right side of 1500kg.


The kitchen has all the appliances you could need, and the lounge has a radio/CD/MP3 player, directional aerial and two TV points all provided as standard. A separate shower and C250 toilet are provided in the washroom.


Access to the washroom around the fixed bed is good, and it is easy to move around the basin to the shower.


The fixed bed is large enough for six-footers to get a good night’s sleep. And the lounges, though not long enough to use as single beds, are big enough to stretch out on.


The original SE layout in the Lexon range was well-balanced and Lunar have made just a few tweaks in the Clubman. The main difference is in the kitchen, which had limited storage. The Alde heating has freed space under the sideboard for a large cupboard. Lunar has included a recessed drainer too.

Technical specs

Interior length5.79m
Shipping length7.32m
Awning size1000cm





  • This amount of equipment in a single-axle van of this weight is astounding
  • And the styling is sleek without being cold or ultra-modern, so the van is a pleasure to live in.


  • Front steadies are very short – a small slope has them over-stretched.