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The Lunar Delta TI gets some exciting revisions for 2015, including a big sunroof and a retractable island bed – read more in the Practical Caravan review


Lunar is well-known for its lightweight, good-value caravans, but has perhaps not been renowned for the last word in style until the launch of last year’s Clubman Saros limited edition. Its success has prompted some exciting revisions to the core ranges for 2015, so the Practical Caravan review team had to take a look.

The twin-axle Lunar Delta TI represents the peak of the manufacturer's line-up and features a transverse island bed – popular among buyers of luxury tourers. Learning from the Saros, for 2015 it gains the unique ‘Sky-view’ rooflight, along with a modern twist inside and out.

Pitching and setting up

The Lunar Delta TI, which is one of two models in the range, is like all 2015 Lunars in getting new exterior graphics with ‘3D’ text. There are also new spats over the alloy wheels, plus a Lunar crest for the rear. The result is a good-looking caravan.

The mid-range Lexon has moved to Truma blown-air heating, thus reinforcing the position of the Alde wet-heated single-axle Clubman and twin-axle Delta as the range-toppers.


Lunar’s response to rival brands’ front-panel sunroofs, which it reckons adds a water-ingress risk, is the Sky-view, a narrow rooflight that stretches from the lounge to the kitchen.

In the Lunar Delta TI, it is mounted in an elliptical ‘raft’ with LED lighting, so it remains a feature both day and night, and it doesn’t get in the way of headroom, thanks to the Delta’s 6ft 5in internal height, as the Practical Caravan review team noted with approval. There is further clever lighting over the gloss-finished lockers, which now feature dimmable LEDs. Above the door, there’s a simple new Lunar-branded control panel.

The caravan’s 2.33m width shows in the generous lounge area. Fully sprung cushions are finished in the plush new velvety ‘Sarona’ trim. There’s fresh wallboard and modern-looking ‘Montana Oak’ furniture board.


On the nearside of the Lunar Delta TI is the snazzy corner cocktail cabinet, which is joined by a large fridge with a separate freezer – nice luxury items for your caravan holidays. The only problem is that the designers decided to have the microwave oven fitted above the fridge/freezer, which is inconveniently and dangerously a bit high, we thought.

On the offside, the kitchen features backlit cupboards with translucent doors. Beneath, a useful worktop flap ensures that there’s plenty of food preparation space.


A great benefit of the layout of the Lunar Delta TI is that you can use the toilet at night without disturbing your partner. And it is a fantastic washroom. The fully lined shower cubicle is more like one you’d find at home than in a tourer.

There’s a Dometic cassette toilet, along with an attractive vanity unit and a natty-looking towel rail heated by the Alde wet central heating system.


That sense of space is helped for 2015 by changes to the Lunar Delta TI's island bed. It can now be retracted during the day to allow better access to the washroom. However, our review team felt it could be longer, at just 6ft extended – taller caravanners will be happier on the huge front double.

Because the Delta is a twin-axle van, the island bed does not encroach on the living space in the lounge, which permits the bench seats to be long enough to work as twin beds that adults can use comfortably.

There’s a mounting point for a TV in the bedroom and another aerial socket on the sideboard – while readers get a shelf and spotlight on either side of the bed.


Throughout the Lunar Delta TI, there’s an attractive curved theme to the new shelving. And you'll find plenty of places to store all of those knick-knacks that build up over a season on the pitch.

There’s also plenty of storage for your clothes above and on either side of the island bed, while bulky items can be stowed below it. A bonus of Lunar’s Sky-view rooflight is that it doesn’t steal roof locker space from the front wall of the lounge.

Technical specs

Interior length6.34m
Shipping length7.88m
Awning size1090cm


At £25,499, the Lunar Delta TI is the most expensive model in the manufacturer's line-up – and as it's a twin-axle tourer, you will need a good-sized tow car, too. Despite that, it’s a van that offers the space and comforts you expect of a seasonal-pitch model, but isn’t so big that you wouldn’t be happy to take it touring as well. In the Practical Caravan review, the Lunar Delta TI received a respectable three-star rating.



  • The Lunar Delta TI weighs remarkably little for a luxurious twin-axle tourer
  • The lounge is large; the island bed doesn't compromise living space
  • The Sky-view sunroof makes the lounge bright without stealing storage space


  • The construction does not feel as solid as that on comparable caravans
  • The profile is very conservative
  • The island bed is 6ft long when extended, not much for a van of this size