Mike Le Caplain

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The Lunar Delta TS claims to be one of the most spacious and luxurious caravans for four – but our expert reviewer thinks it will appeal most to couples


The Delta TS was the second of two new models unveiled by Lunar at Birmingham's Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show in February 2015. It takes the twin-single-beds/end-washroom layout of its cheaper, single-axle Clubman SB stablemate, and places it on a twin-axle chassis, thereby giving additional living space.

Interestingly, though, the TS’s extra length only affects the front settees, where an additional six inches (15.2cm) relative to the Clubman opens up the greater possibility of using the settees as (still rather short) front single beds and increases the width of the front double bed by the same amount to 5ft 5¾in. 

The rear fixed twin singles, meanwhile, remain the same. So if the all-important fixed twin beds are unchanged, what does your additional £3250 buy you?

Pitching and setting up

In many ways, the common-sense design of this range-topping new Delta puts us in mind of the cheaper Quasar 646. And nowhere is this more noticeable than in the manner in which the exterior services are laid out. In short, none is allowed to interfere with the awning side of the caravan, so everything, from the toilet compartment, grey-water drains and battery box to the water inlet and water-heater exhaust, is banished to the offside wall, leaving the awning clutter-free.

Like the Quasar, the grey drains are located just aft of the axle line for optimum drainage, but occupying Lunar’s rarefied ranks brings with it the additional benefit of a second awning light over the front side window, to make the inevitable after-dark attendance to dwindling fresh-water supplies or over-brimming grey-water containers that much easier. Would that more manufacturers provided this small, but thoughtful addition.

What little there is on the awning side of the van is limited to exterior access to the nearside fixed single bed locker, a forward sealed wet locker (complete with in-built three-pin power point) and – close to the nose section – a gas barbecue point. As you’d expect, access to the four corner steady-winding bolts is straightforward.


The Delta TS’s settees may be longer than those fitted to the equivalent Clubman, but this is still a lounge area best suited to four rather than six occupants, giving further credence to our suspicion that, berth provision aside, this is a caravan most likely to be bought by couples.

That said, it’s a very pleasant place in which to be, with muted but stylish colours broken up by colourful scatter cushions and cream-coloured roof locker doors, and additional daylight provided by the oblong panoramic rooflight overhead. The surrounding pelmet also carries lighting, in addition to the usual corner light pods and adjustable readers fitted elsewhere in this area.

It is worth noting, however, that, despite the TS’s overall length, the forward lounge is the only lounging area in the caravan, unless you habitually use fixed single beds as a type of daytime chaise longue.


At first glance, the TS’s kitchen seems on the small side. It’s only when you realise that the fridge – a domestic-style unit with separate freezer compartment – and rather high-set microwave oven live opposite and that there’s a handy (and good-sized) extension flap to open up additional worktop space, that it all starts to make sense.

The cooker incorporates a separate oven and grill and its hob comprises three gas burners and an electric hotplate. Lighting is good in here, too, and we really like the way the frost-fronted roof locker doors mark this area out as a separate entity from the adjacent lounge.


We’ve no complaints in here – the washroom really is a five-star affair in the twin-axle Lunar Delta TS. Step through the central door at the rear of the bedroom into ample dressing space, with a huge wardrobe in the far corner, a vanity unit with washbasin directly opposite, and a large, square separate shower to your right.

Behind the swivel toilet is a frosted opaque window and the shower has shelving and a handy towel-drying rail.


You might think it a little disappointing that the Delta’s rear fixed single beds are no longer than those employed by the much smaller Clubman SB, but at at 6ft 2in x 2ft 7in (1.87m x 0.78m) apiece, they’re hardly small and, unlike some rivals’, they are the same length as each other.

Each fixed bed also warrants a pair of roof lockers, a reading light and a handy knick-knack shelf, while a large central rooflight positively floods the bedroom area with daylight.

Up front, the 5ft 5¾in x 2ft 5in (1.67m x 0.74m) single sofa beds are really best suited to visiting children, but adults should be very comfortable in the 6ft 11in x 5ft 5¾in (2.11m x 1.67m) double. Make-up is via a simple arrangement of pull-out slats and flipped settee cushions.


Again, we’ve no complaints. The slimline wardrobe to the right of the shower is marred only by the header tank for the Alde heating/boiler system and has three large drawers below. Both settee bases are of a good size, although the offside example is intruded upon by various pieces of plumbing.

Behind various kitchen doors are pull-out veggie racks, a large cutlery drawer and sundry shelves and cupboards, and the small TV dresser by the entrance door offers yet more stowage potential. The roof lockers, meanwhile, are a practical mix of shelved and non-shelved affairs.

Technical specs

Interior length6.34m
Shipping length7.838m
Awning size1090cm


The Lunar Delta TS’s lounge is slightly disappointing in that its greater length over the Lunar Clubman SB still means the sofas aren’t quite long enough to serve as adult single beds. But there’s no arguing with the fixed beds, kitchen or end washroom. In short, it boils down to whether you need the Delta’s longer lounge, or could manage with the shorter, but considerably cheaper, Clubman SB.



  • Excellent king-sized bedroom
  • Wonderful washroom
  • High kit levels
  • Sensible approach to exterior services
  • Ample storage space


  • Lounge feels a little small
  • You'll need a big tow car (2000kg)
  • Short front single beds – 1.67m x 0.74m (5ft 5¾in x 2ft 5in)