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Fall for the simple charms of this compact, light, front lounge, end kitchen caravan that could be perfect for two – read our Coachman Vision 380 review


Before end-washroom caravans were introduced in the 1980s, if you wanted a two-berth caravan, you pretty much had one choice of layout: a front lounge and an end kitchen, with a small washroom tucked into one of the rear corners. That’s basically what you get with the Coachman Vision 380 (plus a great deal more of course!).

The 380 is the smallest, lightest and least expensive of all Coachman’s caravans, and updates to the Vision range for the 2016 season are mainly tweaks.

All of Coachman’s caravans have panels that are bonded together rather than using traditional methods and joining the trend of using acronyms, they call this ABC (Advanced Bonded Construction). Having worked closely with adhesive manufacturer BOSTIK and Hull University, Coachman believes this method has virtually eliminated the threat of water ingress. And to see other Coachman caravans for sale, click here.

Pitching and setting up

Thanks to the ABC construction, the Vision 380 is some 25kg lighter than last year’s model. Already a good looking caravan, 2016 sees new graphics, a body-coloured step-on hitch cover, body-coloured rear light bezels and smart new alloy wheels. It’s also built on a one-piece Al-Ko chassis.

Being Coachman’s entry level range, the Vision doesn’t get things like an external barbecue point or mains socket, but it does come with an Al-Ko AKS 3004 stabiliser, shock absorbers, an under-slung spare wheel and mud-flaps.

Lightweight corner steadies are standard, and all are easily accessible. We particularly like the rubber inserts on the front access holes which help prevent accidental body damage.

In addition, all the essentials are where they’re needed – the mains, fresh and waste water are on the offside, and the electrical controls just inside the entrance door.


Considering its relatively diminutive size (it has a 5.65m shipping length), the Coachman Vision 380 is actually quite a spacious caravan. New light coloured fabrics (Zembla/Heely) for the soft furnishings and new wood tones (Sand Ruster) help create that feeling of spaciousness, and also one of modernity. The contemporary feel is enhanced by coloured mouldings, housing the branded radio speakers, that continue across the front shelf above the front windows.

Six people could quite comfortably sit in the lounge of the 380, and using the front pull-out table together with the main one (stored conveniently between the wardrobe and washroom), they could dine, too.

The Vision doesn’t get an in-vogue sunroof, but there is a Midi-Heki over the lounge, so it certainly doesn’t feel at all dark inside. And when it’s dark outside and the blinds are drawn, there are reading lights in all four corners, together with overhead down-lighters and strip lights above the overhead lockers (all LED, of course!).


Moving to the galley and cooks will be delighted – this is one very well equipped kitchen. There’s a dual-fuel hob and separate oven and grill (all with spark ignition) housed at the rear of the caravan, whilst the fridge is sensibly mounted over the axle on the nearside, in an aid to weight distribution.

Usefully, a removable drainer is fitted, which leaves a decent 0.44m of work surface and, handily, the surface over the fridge is at the same height as the kitchen, although this also serves as the TV point. The microwave has its own dedicated cupboard above the fridge unit, but is at a fairly high 1.54m from the floor.

In addition, there’s masses of storage in and around the kitchen area, with drawers, huge cupboards and lots of small shelves.


You’re never going to get a huge washroom with this layout, but in the Vision 380 it’s certainly of a useable size. The Thetford electric flush toilet is fitted in the rear offside corner, with the washbasin and moulded vanity unit in the front offside corner.

A shower is provided (with a wraparound curtain), although we think showering in here would be an exception rather than rule, as the room isn’t lined, and if the shower curtain is closed, then there’s nowhere to put shampoos etc.

A pop-up rooflight is the only ventilation in here, as there’s no window fitted (perhaps another indication that the washroom is intended for washing rather than showering?).

There’s a good amount of storage in here though, with several cupboards and lots of shelves, and artificial lighting is pretty decent too.


The bedding arrangements in the Vision 380 are simple. You either use two singles or a double, using Coachman’s pull-out base (there are no slats to get stuck or fall out of the tracks). The former are a handy 1.86m long, whilst the latter measures 2.01m x 1.5m.

As the knee rolls are quite pronounced, it would be best to turn the seat cushions around to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Whatever arrangement is used, each occupant has a reading light and a shelf to put books and the morning cuppa.


There should be more than ample storage for a touring couple in this caravan. There are four overhead lockers in the lounge area, and the space under the nearside bunk is completely devoid of obstructions. There’s some space under the offside bunk, but much is taken with the water/heating systems and electrics. A couple of deep drawers in the centre chest complete the storage in the lounge area.

The wardrobe is of a good size, having a hanging depth of 1.42m. There are a couple of small shelves in here too, with a few deep drawers underneath the wardrobe.

The kitchen area is really well endowed with storage too, with two overhead lockers, a huge double-doored cupboard, a couple of drawers and shelves aplenty.

Technical specs

Interior length4.02m
Shipping length5.65m


If you’re a caravanning couple looking for an easy to tow tourer (in terms of both size and weight), and generally use full-facility sites, then the Coachman Vision 380 shouldn’t be overlooked.

It has a lounge that is huge when compared to many other caravans (fixed-bed versions particularly), and we know there are a number of seasoned caravanners out there who like end kitchens – they certainly wouldn’t be disappointed with this one! And when it comes to bedtime, the huge double is very easy to make up thanks to the pull-out base system.

The only compromise really is the shower facility. In all other respects, the washroom is more than adequate.

Add all this to Coachman’s reputation for longevity, the ABC build and the contemporary design, and we think this caravan is surely a winner.



  • It's light and compact
  • The lounge is spacious and airy
  • Cooks will love the well-equipped kitchen
  • The double is easy to make up and comfy, too


  • The washroom is probably only useable if you stay at full-facility sites