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New for 2017, the upmarket, UK-focused Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri promises luxury touring and sharp styling, at a price – let's see if it delivers


Adria has been supplying caravans to the UK market since 1971, and its layouts are probably the most anglicised of all the imports.

And Adria isn’t afraid to try something new, either.

For 2012 it introduced the 2.5m-wide Astella, with its front kitchen, centre lounge, fixed beds and end washroom. While perhaps a little quirky, it did have some great features.

Fast-forward to 2017 and the Astella has been rebranded Alpina.

There are two new models in the range: the Colorado and the Missouri, the latter of which we look at here.

Adria has taken the rear fixed-island-bed layout and added its own twist.

Rather than having a full-width washroom across the centre of the caravan, it’s longitudinal, and opposite the kitchen.

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Pitching and setting up

With a Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass of 1900kg (and the option to upgrade to 2000kg), you’ll need a big tow car to pull the Alpina.

But it should tow well because it sits on Al-Ko’s Delta axle chassis and has an extended A-frame, both of which are said to aid stability. It also comes with the AKS3004 stabiliser and ATC stability control.

It’s a good-looking van, too, with its grey-and-silver body and contemporary graphics.

The side windows are a little smaller than the norm, but that’s because the seating backrests are slightly taller than usual.

The front locker lid lifts well out of the way to give good access to the huge space that is also home to the spare wheel.

Heavy-duty steadies are fitted, and while the front ones have guides, the rears are tucked well underneath the caravan.

On the nearside, you’ll find a gas barbecue point, a wet locker that houses a 230V socket, plus TV and USB connections, and a retractable step.

The toilet cassette is on the nearside, too. Conversely, the fridge is vented to the offside so wouldn’t be enclosed by an awning.

The main electrical controls are in a panel above the door.


The Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri's U-shaped lounge feels roomy, despite being no longer than average. This is no doubt helped by the van’s extra width.

As mentioned, the backrests are higher than usual, so that they fill the centre when used to make up the double bed, which makes the seating very comfortable indeed.

Thanks to a huge sunroof, large front windows, plus light-coloured fabrics and woodwork, the area does feel very light and airy. There are a couple of fixed headrests in the front corners, which is a great addition.

A small fold-up coffee table is at the front, but the main table will be used at mealtimes, and that is stored at the lounge end of the kitchen unit.

Lighting is very good, too, although there are only two reading lights in here.

TV connections (an aerial is a dealer-fit option) are on the washroom wall, but you’ll have to add a TV mount.


The kitchen is a strong point in the 2017 Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri.

It features a Thetford in-line hob (with three burners) and integrated sink. The detachable drainer sits over either the hob or to the side of the sink.

There’s a reasonable amount of work surface, too, aided by a detachable chopping board.

In the main unit, there’s a Thetford separate oven and grill, a pair of huge soft-close drawers, and a cupboard at the bottom with a drop-down door.

A tall, 140-litre Thetford fridge/freezer sits at the right-hand end of the main kitchen area.

Above the worktop, there is a pair of large overhead lockers with ‘concave’ doors, designed to give a greater sense of space. Behind one is the microwave – the other houses the crockery.

Natural light and ventilation are taken care of by an opening window and a midi-Heki rooflight. At night, the kitchen splashback is lit, and there are numerous other light sources.


This is the weakest part of this 2017-season Adria caravan.

The shower cubicle has no moulded one-piece liner or shelves, and the shower tray is dominated by the wheelarch, plus a fold-down sink above the bench toilet just doesn’t cut it in a caravan at this price point.

At least the shower is separate and has a rail for hanging wet towels. There’s also an Alde radiator in there, and outside an opaque window for ventilation.

The vanity unit is a simple affair. Located above the fold-down sink, it has a couple of mirrored doors (matching the underside of the sink), and is large enough for knick-knacks.


The rear island bed is huge. It also has sections that can be raised at the head end. These make reading or viewing the television (mounted on the washroom wall) a more comfortable affair.

The bed retracts to give better all-round access, but when extended there’s only a 12cm gap between it and the washroom wall.

Neat touches in this Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri are lighting control units on either side of the bed, and touch-operated reading lights.

On the nearside there is also a pair of USB sockets, and a 230V socket on the offside. However, there’s no shelf to put anything on.

The Alde boiler is under the bed, which may generate noise (although we do know these are usually exceptionally quiet).

The lounge can be converted to a second huge double bed, albeit with only one reading light. The sofas are really too short to be used as singles.


Under-bed storage isn’t as big as you’d imagine, mainly because of the Alde boiler.

There are two large overhead lockers, and small but adequate wardrobes with cupboards beneath.

In the lounge, there are two further overhead lockers, and a pair of smaller ones in the front corners.

Under-bunk storage isn’t great, in terms of both amount and access. The offside example houses the on-board water tank, and some of the nearside one is taken up by the external wet locker.

There’s no front access, so all the cushions must be removed and the (not self-supporting) bases lifted up.

Technical specs

Interior length6.14m
Shipping length8.25m
Awning size1078cm


The Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri is a large and generally spacious caravan with some great touches, but it’s let down by frustrating flaws.

The inclusion of USB and mains sockets in the bedroom is great, but where do you put anything that you’ve plugged in?

And the washroom won’t be enough for those who steer clear of full-facility sites.

There is much to like about the Alpina, but too many niggles for a caravan with a £27k price-tag.



  • The kitchen is excellent
  • It has a very comfy lounge
  • There's a huge fixed bed
  • Natural and artificial lighting throughout are excellent


  • It's big and heavy
  • The washroom is a disappointment
  • The bed bases are unsupported
  • There's a relative lack of storage space, given its size

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