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The Practical Caravan Bailey Pegasus Genoa review – 1 - This 6.32m-long two-berth has an MTPLM of 1265kg, but can the baby in this range of Bailey caravans justify its price? (© Peter Baber/Practical Caravan)

Bailey Pegasus Genoa 2017

  • 2-berth
  • 1265kg MTPLM

Do good things come in small packages? Check out our 2017 Bailey Pegasus Genoa review to see if the well-specced baby of this mid-market range cuts it

Created on 5th May 2017

3.5 stars


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The Practical Caravan Bailey Pursuit 400-2 review – 1 - Alloy wheels, a sunroof, an AKS3004 hitch stabiliser and an Al-Ko Secure wheel lock receiver are all standard on the 2017 Bailey Pursuit 400-2 (© Peter Baber/Practical Caravan)

Bailey Pursuit 400-2 2017

  • 2-berth
  • 1090kg MTPLM

Updated and rethought for 2017, the entry-level range of Bailey caravans aims to simplify the buying process – does it work in the sub-£15k Pursuit 400-2?

Created on 13th February 2017

4.0 stars


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The Practical Caravan Bailey Pursuit 430-4 review – 1 - With an MTPLM of only 1229kg, the Bailey Pursuit 430-4 is a match for a wide variety of tow cars (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Bailey Pursuit 430-4 2016

  • 4-berth
  • 1229kg MTPLM

An entry-level fixed bed with a usefully low MTPLM, read our Bailey Pursuit 430-4 review to find out if this couples-focused caravan ticks all the boxes

Created on 5th January 2016

3.0 stars


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Practical Caravan's 2016 Bailey Pegasus Modena review - 1 - Like the idea of a Pegasus Verona, but not the weight or price? The new Modena could be the answer (© Practical Caravan/Mike Le Caplain)

Bailey Pegasus Modena 2016

  • 4-berth
  • 1275kg MTPLM

Like a French bed and an end washroom in a compact four-berth caravan? Read Practical Caravan's review to see if the 2016 Bailey Pegasus Modena is the one

Created on 16th September 2015

4.0 stars


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Bailey Olympus II 460-2 Front 3:4 (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

Bailey Olympus 460-2 2013

  • 2-berth
  • 1276kg MTPLM

Practical Caravan's Bailey Olympus 460-2 review reveals a roomy two-berth with great space for entertaining

Created on 14th November 2013

3.0 stars


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Pitching 1

Bailey Orion 400-2 2011

  • 2-berth
  • 1076kg MTPLM

Bailey Orion is a range of smaller, entry level caravans and fits into the range below the Olympus models. The 400-2 is a end-washroom two berth model and the …

Created on 25th February 2011


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There's plenty of room for four people to sit and eat in the front lounge

Bailey Ranger GT60 510/4 2009

  • 4-berth
  • 1281kg MTPLM

First look review, August 2009

For regular readers of Practical Caravan, Bailey’s GT60 range of caravans needs little introduction. It appeared …

Created on 29th July 2010


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Dark wood and deep cushions give modern, luxury feel

Bailey Pageant S7 Monarch 2009

  • 2-berth
  • 1295kg MTPLM

First look, September 2008

Created on 25th June 2010


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