The popular Compass brand was around for 20 years before Elddis took it on in 1998. The marque rolled on for another 13 years when production finally ceased on all its ranges in late 2011, despite the fact that prototypes had been built. The brand was resurrected for the 2014 season, and two years on is back on track with two ranges – Corona and Rallye.

On-the-road prices for the seven-model Rallye range start at £21,894, and its message of craftsmanship and opulence builds on a reputation for well-appointed models since the range’s inception in 1981. The six-berth 636 is aimed at families wanting a touch of luxury in a relatively lightweight twin-axle.

The Compass is built using the SoLiD construction rolled out across all Elddis ranges a few years ago. The layout comprises offside fixed bunks, a rather smart end washroom, an offside double dinette, a nearside kitchen and a large front lounge.

Many potential owners of this tourer will have a family unit of five; and we’re not sure whether the double dinette might have been better as a single, with the option of a bunk above for a sixth person, but Compass reckons this arrangement works well. Overall, the 636 looks very promising. And to see other Compass caravans for sale, click here.