Luxury means different things to different people. For some, it means a fixed bed – or these days, more likely an ‘island’ bed – while for others it might mean a top-notch specification. For families, it means space … space so that you aren’t tripping over each other; space so that you can banish the kids to the other end of the caravan when they are playing up; space to be flexible, and accommodate the occasional guest when the children make new friends.

And space is where the new Elddis Avanté 866 excels. It’s one of two additions to the 2017 Avanté range to feature an 8ft-wide bodyshell – an innovation introduced by parent company Explorer Group two years ago in its flagship Buccaneer brand. To accommodate the extra width, there’s an all-new, slightly blunt front panel, with a wide silver-grey locker door that meets the new chrome grabhandles at its corners. Even the large panoramic front window looks slightly lost in that wide prow, but the smart new graphics and raked side windows give a modern look to this twin-axle caravan. And to see other Elddis caravans for sale, click here.