Recent trends in family layouts have seen caravans getting bigger by 2009. We’ve seen the triple bunk layouts with dedicated sleeping spaces for the kids. There’s been a rise in fixed-bed layouts, which are popular with mum and dad but leave the kids sleeping on single beds with no space of their own. One problem with vans with these layouts is that they are often quite big and quite heavy. 

But the main problem is that they do not cater for the traditional caravanning family. These days the average UK family has 1.8 children, according to the Office for National Statistics. So most families don’t need a big six-berther. They want a compact four-berth van, the likes of which is currently hard to find.

But one manufacturer is listening to the needs of our forgotten families. Elddis has released the four-berth Avanté Club 464, which has two transverse fixed bunks and is just 6.4m long. It’s a layout that has gone missing from forecourts since the Avondale Dart 475-4 was last on sale in the summer of 2008.

To see if Elddis can meet the demands of modern caravan families we’ve asked the Flower family to explore the new Avanté Club 464. With two young daughters its layout should work perfectly for them.