Although we weren’t keen on the very light (and perhaps a little too shiny) grey outer materials used to make the Halfords Urban Escape Tahoe, things definitely improve inside. The liner is a pleasingly soft mixture of Polyester and cotton. Unfortunately this choice of material rules out tumble-drying, but machine-washing at 30°C is still possible.

This sleeping bag is obviously mummy-shaped, but the Tahoe felt a little too cosy around the chest and shoulder areas, suggesting that this is a bag best suited to slender campers and caravanners. Or, perhaps more accurately, it’s perfect for tall and thin people, because the Tahoe is longer than most rival sleeping bags.

The compact pack-down size, impressive thermal properties and the pull-string hood are all further bonuses. 

This blue and grey cocoon shaped sleeping bag has a double layer of 300gsm filling. This is made of 60 per cent siliconised Hollowfibre, with 40 per cent Monofibre insulation. There’s a shoulder baffle, a ridged hood with a drawstring round it, so you can keep out draughts and avoid waking up with a stiff neck. There’s a two-way zip so you can cool your legs down at night if you need to, without getting chilly all over. If you like to keep your watch, earrings or valuables close to you, the good news is that there’s a hidden internal pocket just for that. 

The Tahoe weighs 1.7kg and is recommended for late spring, summer and early autumn use, though if you have a decent caravan heater this is pretty academic! 

The exact measurements are 230cm long and 80cm wide at chest height. Although it tapers at the foot, the construction of the bottom section allows room for your feet. 

There are Halfords stores all over Britain, so you shouldn’t have to travel far to buy sleeping bags there. You can find your nearest Halfords store here, use the ‘click and collect’ service or have products delivered to your door in 48 hours. 

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