INACA IS A MAJOR PLAYER in the European awning field and hence offers a full product range.

Stela awnings are Spanish-made and are available in depths of 250, 300 and 350cm (note that when the 30cm canopy depth is added, some campsites may not allow the 300 and 350cm sizes because they may encroach on adjacent pitches).

Depending on the ground-to-ground dimensions (from 786 to 1235cm), the Stela comes with four or six front panels, and as there are external covers to the windows, the awning is suitable for use on seasonal pitches.

Construction is from printed PVA (roof), PVA polyester (walls) and PCV polyester (awning skirt and mudflaps), and one colour scheme (silver/grey) is available. The 250cm-deep awning is offered with a fibreglass frame, and has a door and a window in its two side panels, as well as a ventilation/insect screen. The 300 and 350cm-deep models each have an additional fixed window.

The panels are interchangeable, enabling the doors to be positioned next to the caravan wall or at the front corner. For awnings with ground-to-ground measurements up to 1025cm, there are three or four front panels, and for those above 1025cm, there are up to six.

Depending on the ground-to-ground measurement, one or two panels are doors and have no windows. All the panels are interchangeable and all peg down internally. Storm anchor points have been stitched at the front corners but the anchors themselves are an optional extra which, given the Stela’s potential use as a seasonal awning, should surely have been included as standard items.

In addition to the anchors, other options are available, including verandah bars, an annexe, an inner tent and an inner roof.

Reviewed in the November 2010 issue of Practical Caravan.