The Isabella Commodore Concept full awning is designed for year-round use and can be left erected for months at a time.

Suitable for vans with ground-to-ground dimensions of 900-1225cm, the awning has a depth of 300cm. This is 52-60cm deeper than most rivals, but it might cause problems on sites where the pitches are narrow.

The awning is manufactured from coated polyester, which can be easily wiped clean of dirt and dust. There are five panels: a roof, two side panels with two doors each and two front panels with one door each, making six openings in all.

Large windows, plus insect/ventilation screens in all four panels make the interior light and airy, while regulator tabs stitched at the bottom front corners ensure that when fully tensioned the awning looks superb.

There is a choice of three frames: Zinox steel, glass fibre, or CarbonX – a combination of glass fibre reinforced with carbon fibre. The company’s Isaflex pegging elastics and the FixOn II bracket pads to which the roof poles attach are standard.

Further features are the DropStop, which fits over the frame to prevent rain ingress, and storm straps, which clip into brackets stitched into the front corners of the roof panel.

Optional extras include a verandah pole, annex, inner tent, front sun canopy, plus a range of awning tidies and floors.

Price Around £1100 for the smallest with Zinox steel frame and more than £2100 for the largest model with CarbonX frame.
Tel 01844 20 2099

Reviewed in the November 2011 issue of Practical Caravan