As its lowlier ranges move ever more upmarket, the flagship single-axle range of Lunar caravans, the evergreen Clubman, has been crying out for a revamp. And it gets one for 2017, along with what must be the layout of the moment – a washroom across the centre of the van, with an island bed mounted on the rear wall, plus a parallel front lounge.

But long before you discover any of that, you notice how the van looks. Painting the gas locker panel black, and adding dramatic new graphics that sweep up from there towards the back, has transformed the styling of the Clubman; it now works far better with the sharp, twin-spoke alloy wheels added last year. It will be interesting to see how the market takes to this bold new direction – we liked it, though were concerned that the gloss-black of the gas locker and hitch cover might show marks.

Even more dramatic is what’s above the triple front window. A sunroof in a Lunar? Yes, and it makes a huge difference: the Clubman looks much more modern, which is aided by the neat graphics on either side. And to see other Lunar caravans for sale, click here.