Earlier this year, Lunar brought out the Lexon 590, bringing a fashionable central washroom with centre washbasin and island bed floorplan into the Stellar/Lexon range.

But if the 2017 season’s sales figures are anything to go by, another layout may be just as popular.

The twin-axle 674 was one of the best selling models in the Quasar range of Lunar caravans, and it has a front lounge, central kitchen, transverse island bed and end washroom.

Such a layout on a single axle already exists among the Lexons, with the 560. But to make the most of success, why not take two bites of the cherry and, like the Quasar, do the same on a twin axle?

Step forward, then, the new-for-2018 Lunar Lexon 660.

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