Lunar is clearly becoming much more confident at producing 8ft-wide vans.

The company’s luxurious Alaria brand only went 8ft wide in its second season, and when, following adjustments to its assembly line, the firm decided to introduce wider vans further down the market too, its first attempt, the Lunar Quasar 686, had considerable redesigns. 

The 686’s sibling, the 696, is a twin-axle with six berths. It wowed lots of people on its debut at the NEC show in February. We popped over to Leisure Sales in Cheshire to have a good look at it away from the show crowds.

From afar, this Quasar has a stripped-down look. The alloys might add a touch of class, but there is remarkably little in the way of decals down the sides. 

And because the range now includes a single gas bottle locker across the front, there’s relatively little interrupting the front and rear ABS panels.

But as you get nearer, you notice something unusual. What you might have thought was a snazzy window on the nearside front is actually a fake: a decal with a ‘go-faster’ pattern on the side. This is because the inside wall here is free from any settee, so is designed to take a large TV. Not having a front window is quite a daring move, but we think it works here.