WHERE DO YOU store your documents and smaller valuables when away in the caravan?

Leaving them in the caravan is a risk as caravans aren’t difficult to break into. And carrying them around is a bit suspect too as getting a bag stolen or leaving it somewhere is all too easy. That’s where the Milenco Vehicle Safe comes in.

It is essentially a steel safe which you stow under a seat. Hoop the heavy steel cable around the seat runner, thread the cable through the box, lock it up and your paperwork is safe. It’s easily concealed and lined with felt so phones or sat navs won’t rattle about en route.

The unit is finished in satin black, so even if you know it is under the seat, it is very difficult to see. A high-security lock and thick steel plate construction ensure that even if it is found, chances are it won’t be defeated without making a lot of noise and drawing unwanted attention. It weighs around 5kg and can take sat-navs, phones and other small valuables. It will not take laptops, iPads or other larger kit though.

There are other units like this, but most require permanent installation in a car or caravan, involving bolts into the structure. The big advantage of the Vehicle Safe is that it only needs somewhere to run the chunky steel cable through and can be fitted in minutes.