Pod Caravans began trading in 2000. It produced only a handful of vans per year before its current owners took over in 2011. Over the past three years there has been significant development of the product as well as an increase in production.

The brand’s micro-caravans are low-spec, lightweight and stylish. The emphasis is on simplicity and comfort, with a 1940s- and 1950s-inspired teardrop shape. The range consists of four models: the Standard Pod, the Limited Edition, the Bespoke 1 and the Bespoke 2.

The Bespoke 1 is the same as the Standard model, but gives the buyer a choice of special interior fabrics. The Bespoke 2, meanwhile, has everything that the Standard Pod does, along with a choice of interior fabrics and exterior colours.

Here the Practical Caravan review team looks at Pod 1, the first van to come off the production line. It’s a Standard Pod, but has Cath Kidston fabric furnishings.