Prima’s Deluxe Infinity series, introduced this season, comes in three widths, with this, the 260, being the smallest. 

Also available are the 390cm and 420cm versions. All are a generous 3m deep, about 50cm more than a standard Deluxe – and you’ll be glad to know the price hasn’t risen in proportion. 

Prima is Bailey of Bristol’s accessories division, but its awnings aren’t restricted to the parent company’s tourers. In our encounter with the Deluxe Infinity 260, we matched it to a twin-axle Swift Challenger 635.

The Flexi-inflation system means it’s up in one go via any of the attachment points (or you can always stop the poles interconnecting and pump each one up individually). A useful touch is the clip-on strapping, which you can use to help pull the awning through the rail. 

There’s Prima’s patented valve system, too, derived from the kite market. External hook-and-pin covers for the valves help give a bit of discretion, as well as providing a barrier to wayward fingers. 

Once the awning is set up, you’ll really feel the benefit of that 3m depth. It definitely has a roomier sensation, although if you want more, you can add an annexe to one or both sides. As it is, the side panels are interchangeable so you can vary the location of the doors.

It’s worth getting to know some of the improvements since Prima made its debut. Look closer and you’ll spot the padded sections are new, as are the upright rear poles – now in carbon fibre that’s lighter and stronger (a tip: adding them as early as possible in the inflation process makes things easier). 

Zip-in curtains with bungee adjustment and toggles (rather than plastic ladders) are more user-friendly. Plus, there’s a new-style pump for this season – single-action, with gauge. 

Welcome details include reflective edging to each door, and high-vis/luminous straps for guylines. A draught skirt is included as part of the Infinity package, and you can also add a solid groundsheet. 

Front doors have fold-down floor areas to give easy access for bikes and wheelchairs. 

Carpet isn’t on the options list, although there’s nothing stopping you getting something ‘universal’ if you wish. 

Prima says that since the range’s introduction, sales have “skyrocketed”, outperforming the originals by two to one.