Whether you’re having a sunrise breakfast, family lunch or a relaxed barbecue at sunset, having the right camping table is essential. Eating outdoors and in the awning is guaranteed to help you relax during caravan holidays. We’ve been testing some some of the best folding tables for sale in the UK, to find the ultimate must-have camping table for you.

We’ve looked for folding tables that are lightweight, strong, stable on uneven ground and big enough for all the family. Camping tables must be quick and easy to put up and pack down, and compact enough to store when folded. Beyond the practicalities, we also want attractive folding tables that will look good in and out of the caravan awning – it’s no good putting a tablecloth over an ugly table, since that will just blow away.

Browse through our folding table reviews and you’ll soon see the variety of looks and prices available The cheapest camping table is the Quest Superlite Medium Table at £22.99, which we liked, apart from the wobble.

We were surprised to find that we could buy wooden camping tables, and could not resist testing the attractive bamboo-topped Outwell Cluster Large, a premium product priced at £109.99. Meanwhile couples may prefer the beautiful bamboo-topped Robens Wayfarer Large Table at £79.99.

While we were considering big camping tables, we checked out the metallic Outwell Toronto Large, a very practical 10-seater costing £90, which even boasts an under-shelf.  We also liked the versatile Coleman 6 in 1 Camping Table at £70, which is really two tables in one. 

Next we looked for the best camping tables for sale in a mid-price-range, from £45 to £60 approximately. We tested the Kampa Oval Table at £53.99, the Kampa Prestige Camping Table at £59.99, the Outwell Penticton at £53.99, the Argos Trespass Foldable Storage Table for camping at £49.99, the Quest Elite Packaway Slatted Table at £44.99, and the Kampa Element Waterproof Table Medium at £54.99.

When assessing folding tables for caravan holidays we compared weights and sizes when folded, compared to tabletop areas. Big tables are usually heavier and bulkier product, but sometimes they’re worth it. Wipe-clean tabletops pleased us, especially when they had few potential food traps. We also liked weatherproof tables, because there’s always the chance of rain showers in the UK.

We compared each table’s height and stability; although home dining tables are around 70cm high, camping tables can be a bit shorter, to match camping chairs. Of course the ideal thing is for folding tables to have adjustable table legs and feet! This takes care of the wobble factor on uneven ground, too.

Some folding tables had annoying braces that could restrict knee room, while others were just a bit small for four or more people to use without clashing forks and elbows. Finally we assessed the value for money, and checked for any bonus features such as shelves.

In this review we’ll focus on the Quest Elite Packaway Slatted Table, costing just £44.99. Forget fiddly construction and a rickety end result, this slatted table’s ingenious frame opens in all directions at once, which makes assembly a doddle. It’s also amazingly stable: even rough ground can’t upset it, thanks to telescopic legs that are able to accommodate big dips and humps. They also allow the table’s height to be set anywhere between 46cm and a comfortable 70cm. 

The table’s only drawback is that the leg design means that only two adults — one each side — can be seated easily, which makes the 53cm x 90cm top seem a little excessive. Not that this is too much of an issue, though, because its pack-down size is just 10cm x 20cm x 90cm and the weight is an enviably low 3.9kg.