If you’re a couple who does a lot of touring, there is little doubt that the most significant upgrade you can make to your caravanning comfort is to switch to a fixed bed.

It means no more making up the bed every evening, and no need to take it down each morning before you can sit down to breakfast – plus it usually brings with it a proper sprung bed base and mattress to give a restful night’s sleep.

However, it also brings compromises, most notably in the internal space, which is often squeezed.

And in size and weight, which tend to go up – not ideal if you have only a relatively compact tow car, and don’t want to buy a new one.

If that’s the case for you, then this Sterling Eccles 510 might be the answer: the small corner wetroom in place of a full-width washroom means that it can squeeze a decent lounge, kitchen and a large fixed double bed into a van that measures less than 7m from hitchhead to tail-lights, and weighs just over 1400kg.

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