And now there are four.

Sizes, that is, in SunnCamp’s popular Inceptor range of inflatable awnings.

All of them have the same 325cm depth, and the 330 under the spotlight here has bedded in well after being introduced last season.

Size matters when it comes to caravan awnings – you want optimum space inside, but you don’t want the overall dimensions to make them difficult to handle.

The SunnCamp Inceptor 330 certainly lacks the bulk of material of larger awnings, making it all the easier to set up, as well as pack away and stow.

But what sets it apart is the feeling of space inside when you have set it up, partly thanks to that 325cm depth.

Weighing in at 21kg, it’s not excessively heavy, either.

As is increasingly the norm, grey is the main colour here.

Well, it does go with everything. And – so far, at least – it doesn’t date.

This awning has a distinctive look, too, thanks to the curved front and slanted rooflights set in the patterned ceiling.

These come with internal covers, so you can prevent heat or light getting in the awning, if required.

The main access route for daylight is, of course, those large window sections.

They benefit from roll-down curtains and mesh panels to optimise the ventilation (more important in inflatables than in traditional caravan awnings).

You can also zip out either of the side doors and replace them with mesh.

Indeed, zip out all five main panels on really sunny days and you have yourself a handy shelter capable of grabbing any refreshing breezes that happen to come along.

Alternatively, you may only want to have any window rolled down to its verandah setting.

A single verandah bar is supplied as standard (although there’s nothing to stop you going out and buying more, of course).

The canopy over the central front door may look a bit small, but it will offer vital protection when it’s raining.

Further flexibility is yours if you want to go for the annexe option – on either or even both sides.

The beauty of this is that you can set up the standard awning in minutes, but when you need more space, just add the annexe.

Other features include storm straps, an external peggable mud wall and a draught skirt with ventilation, plus a snug fit to the side of your caravan, thanks to upright poles and pads.

Options available on this caravan awning are as follows: an annexe (£335), roof lining (£67.99), a carpet (£78.99) and a breathable groundsheet (£31.99).