THE SUNNCAMP PARAMOUNT 260 is larger than most porches on the market. It’s a two-piece awning suitable for caravans between 235cm and 250cm high, and consists of a roof, sides and a separate front section. This can be positioned in two ways to suit your needs.

The frame is made up of a number of colour-coded glass-fibre rods linked together by internal elastics. The rods assemble into four frame members with aluminium ferrules on their ends. At the bottom of the canvas are metal rings through which the ends of the frame rods are pushed to hold them steady.

To cater for different site conditions and to ensure correct tensioning, the rings are on adjustable loops. When assembled, the porch is pegged down with ladder elastics and held in position by Day-Glo guy lines. In addition to the GRP rods, an internal aluminium roof pole has been added to help rainwater run off.

The overall size of the awning is 260cm wide x 360cm deep, but you’ll need to check that it doesn’t obstruct the caravan door, windows and fridge vents.

Plastic clips are stitched to the draught pads at the rear of the canvas. Into these go the two rear vertical poles, which are clipped to maintain a snug fit between the awning and the caravan.

The feature we liked best on the Paramount 260 was its front panel. It can be fitted at the front or further back, allowing a flexible, easily manipulated space that provides shade, or cover for outdoor kit.

Green/grey, blue/grey and burgundy/grey colour combinations are available and the total weight of the porch is around 18kg.

Price From around £180 (on the web)
Tel 01245 329 933

Reviewed in the October 2011 issue of Practical Caravan