The layout may be familiar but the Swift Conqueror 580 is an all-new tourer. Like the rest of the Conqueror range it has received a major revamp for 2016 and it’s all down to the way the caravans are built.

Swift has borrowed the SMART HT – an acronym for Strong, Modern, Aerodynamic, Resilient, Tested – construction system used in its flagship Elegance range for its popular, luxury line-up. Timber is no longer part of the make-up; instead the body is made from a resilient polyurethane-based product that is impervious to water.

Those who hanker after the luxury of a top-of-the-range Elegance will find pretty much most of what they need in the cheaper and lighter Conqueror. The 580’s layout has the transverse fixed bed with end washroom so hits the Conqueror’s target market of those wanting a fixed bed and looking for a bit of luxury. As with all 2016 Swifts, the rear panel has fixing bars for an optional bike rack. And to see other Swift caravans for sale, click here.