David Motton
Tow Car Editor

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Tow Car Awards judges test the 2008 Audi A6 Allroad 3.0 TDI Quattro Tiptronic in a quest to find the best caravan tow car in Britain for 2008


Need four-wheel drive but want the practicality of an estate? The Audi Allroad could be for you – provided the hefty price tag doesn’t put you off, that is. Audi justifies the price with superb performance and handling.


The 30-60mph sprint took just 10.7 seconds: almost four seconds quicker than the Volvo V70.

The steering feels too light at first, but get to know the car and you’ll discover precise cornering and strong grip. Through the lane-change test, the A6 performed strongly in damp conditions.

Hill starts are child’s play. The electronic handbrake releases automatically as the driver applies the throttle, and the outfit pulls up the 1-in-6 slope as if it were no more than a speed bump. 


It’s just a shame the Audi couldn’t manage all the luggage. Later versions offer more boot space. 

Technical specs

Engine size3000 cc
Kerbweight1955 kg
85% KW1662 kg
Towball limit85 kg
Maximum towing limit1900 kg
Power230.0 bhp
Torque332.0 lb ft
Official MPG32.1 mpg
CO2230 g/km
30-60mph10.7 seconds
30-0mph11.3 m


A supremely able 4x4 tow car in disguise, if rather pricey.

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  • An estate that pulls like a 4x4
  • Light steering and good performance


  • Pricey
  • Small boot for luggage