David Motton
Tow Car Editor

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Practical Caravan's experts review the Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 140bhp 4x4 Elegance – how does this diesel powered, four-wheel drive crossover fare as a tow car?


There is nothing abominable about the Skoda Yeti. In fact, it’s really rather good. Skoda’s crossover family car is part SUV, part family hatchback. It makes a decent fist of combining the best of both, with four-wheel drive for secure all-weather towing, but lower running costs than a typical 4x4.


The Yeti makes a fine tow car. We tested the Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 140bhp 4x4 Elegance. Its 1605kg kerbweight gives an 85% match figure of 1364kg, so plenty of mid-sized family caravans make suitable matches.

In an emergency, the Yeti should look after you. In our lane-change test the Skoda went exactly where the driver intended, dragging the caravan obediently behind. Overtaking should be safe and assured, too. The Yeti pulled an 1132kg caravan from 30-60mph in 12 seconds. It’s a shame the engine is so noisy, though.

Everyday driving

Leave your caravan at home or pitched on a campsite and you’ll enjoy driving the Skoda. Cornering is lively and agile, but this doesn’t come at the expense of ride comfort on rough country roads.

The Yeti is at home around town, too, where its short and narrow body makes it easy to thread through heavy traffic.


Inside, the Yeti is roomy but short on cleverness. There’s a lack of storage space and the rear seats have to be removed completely to maximise luggage room. If Skoda hopes to attract buyers who might otherwise have bought a compact MPV, this needs to be addressed.

Technical specs

Kerbweight1605 kg
85% KW1364 kg
Towball limit75 kg
Maximum towing limit1600 kg
Power140.0 bhp
Torque236.0 lb ft
Official MPG46.3 mpg
CO2159 g/km


The Practical Caravan tow car test team felt that the Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI 140bhp 4x4 Elegance made for an excellent all-weather tow car. However, the issues surrounding storage space must be addressed in future models and there is no escaping the fact that it is pricey for a car of this size.



  • It has four-wheel drive
  • It is a safe and assured tow car


  • Expensive given its size
  • The engine is quite vocal
  • Storage space is lacking