The Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD is from the CaraOne UK range, designed for the UK market, so it includes fire-retardant fabrics, a 12V gel battery as standard, and that all-important oven.

Tourers with beds in the front aren’t very common in the UK. The cost of tourers keeps increasing, however, with many entry-level vans now falling not far short of £30,000. So would UK caravanners be less hesitant about such a layout if the budget caravan in question cost only a little over £20,000 brand new?

I travelled to Barnsdale Leisure, in Pontefract, to find out.

Pitch and set-up

Anyone who is familiar with the best caravan manufacturers will most likely be aware that Weinsberg has always been promoted as Knaus’s budget brand, but sometimes that ‘budget’ tag has been hard to spot. It isn’t here – this looks very much like a cheap and cheerful caravan, in my opinion. You only get a single window on the front panel of what is a very boxy shape. There is no sunroof, the decals are a minimal grey and brown, and the grab handles are basic white plastic.

You still get a sizeable gas bottle locker, however, and such basic design does have some advantages: the A-frame is kept bare, and you could easily mount a bike rack here, so long as it doesn’t interfere too much with the gas locker door.

This van also has another thing that you certainly won’t see in other types of caravan in this price range: a 45-litre onboard water tank.

The lounge in the Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD

As caravan layouts go, many consider a front bed unappealing, because you are giving up the area of the tourer with the best view for the place you generally only use to go to sleep.

It is true that, because of the large fixed bed at the front, the only lounge inside this caravan is shifted to the rear offside corner. It features two parallel settees of differing lengths, either side of a clip-on table.

While I found you still get a view through the large side and rear windows, it’s not quite the same panorama you get through a front and two side windows in a standard UK tourer, something which could be a consideration when choosing the best caravan to buy.

Lounge with parallel settees
Lounge in the rear offside corner has two parallel settees and a clip-on table

However, I found the windows and the large Heki let in plenty of daylight, and the whole area is well lit at night with two spotlights and an LED centrally placed in the ceiling.

This caravan has an older-style heating system, with a single heater unit – it’s located away from the lounge under the wardrobe, facing towards the kitchen and the space by the bed. Still, a heating vent under the table will keep legs and feet warm.

I was a bit surprised to find the settee base cushions resting on boards, not slats – something not seen in UK caravans since the 1990s. They make for a rather firm seat, especially if you are used to sprung slats.

Kitchen in the Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD

The side kitchen has a good workspace in front of the sink and a three-burner hob with a sturdy splashback. An extension flap is an option. You also get a socket under the overhead locker. The combined oven/grill is halfway down the unit, next to the fridge.

Kitchen area
Well-appointed kitchen provides a three-burner hob alongside an oval sink

Washroom in the Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD

The washroom here is squeezed in the nearside corner, right next to the door. As a result, the shower tray doubles up as the area in front of the basin, and only has one drainage hole right at the back. But you do get two mirrors – one above the opaque window behind the basin, and a larger one on the wall next to the door.

Sleeping in the Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD

I found the front bed to be very comfortable, with padding all around, two spotlights, and both the heating controls and a mains socket nearby. You won’t find any USBs, however. Some do become available if you go for the £274 Socket Plus Package.

The fixed bed and kitchen
Fixed bed up front is comfortable, with padding all around

The third bed is made by lowering the table. Using an infill cushion and the seat bases means you can keep the backrest to form a padded headboard.

Storage in the CaraOne 390 QD

The huge space under the bed is accessible from the outside, and internally by lifting and folding the slats. The water tank is in here too, so you’d need to be careful not to load up with too many heavy items.

The wardrobe sits above the heater and is a good size for two. There are three overhead lockers above the front bed, along with open shelving, and four more with some shelving over the lounge. Areas under the settees can be accessed for larger items. The kitchen, however, is a bit pushed for storage, with two overhead lockers, one of which is shelved. There’s a single drawer, which is taken up with a cutlery tray, and the pan locker is narrow.

The washroom has one cupboard under the handbasin, and a smaller cupboard with open shelving higher up.

Alternatives to consider

The Xplore 554 is a four-berth option with an airy interior and plenty of comfort, making it a great choice for first time buyers. Alternatively, the Knaus Yaseo 340PX is a two berth tourer which is lightweight and all-electric. It’s well-built and has plenty of innovative touches but we do think some of its options should be available as extras.

Weinsberg CaraOne 390 QD specification

  • Price: £20,780
  • Berths: 3 (optional 4)
  • MTPLM: 1200kg
  • MiRO: 1084kg
  • Payload: 116kg
  • Interior length: 4.01m
  • Shipping length: 5.93m
  • Overall width: 2.20m

Spec list

  • Al-Ko chassis
  • Spare wheel
  • Three-burner hob
  • 98-litre fridge
  • Combined oven and grill
  • Truma heating
  • 45-litre onboard water tank
  • Front double bed: 1.96 x 1.40m
  • Rear single bed: 1.87 x 0.88m (or optional double: 1.87 x 1.17m)

After choosing your tourer, you’ll need to get ready to tow it. If you’re new to the world of caravanning, follow our caravan towing tips for some help and guidance when you’re on the road.

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