Westfield is a German firm whose awnings are distributed in the UK by Quest Leisure.

The Gemini 390 Pro is from a lightweight range of entry-level awnings that’s new for the year, made from a 150 denier polyester fabric coated to give protection from UV damage.

This is less dense than you could get elsewhere, but the fabric does have a 4000mm hydrostatic head.

The Gemini uses an Advanced Air System, designed for multi-inflation, where you inflate each of the four main tubes separately, and single inflation, where you inflate the awning from one point.

As a default, the awning is supplied ready for multi-inflation, and the separate connecting tubes for single inflation are £99 extra.

Quest Leisure says there are two good reasons for sticking with multi-inflation – the extra effort involved in pumping up a single inflation, and the process of deflation.

With single inflation, air is always left in the connecting passages after initial deflation, which requires extra work.

On our test, we found that each tube needed 10-15 presses of the supplied pump to become inflated – better than average.

Once fully inflated, the awning provides two main windows with a canopied door in the middle.

There are no curtains, but inner linings zip on to the windows.

All outer zips have guttering to allow water to run off, and although the peg hoops along the walls are made of elastic, those at the corners come with metal hoops.

All guy lines are reflective so you can see them in the dark.

Unusually for this price range, a draught skirt and wheel cover are included, although the carpet shown here is an optional extra.

The edge of the awning that rests against the caravan is padded, so you shouldn’t have to worry about poles banging against your van.

The three poles included as standard are storm poles that go between the main tubes at the front.

Quest Leisure says that once the awning is up and fully pegged, these are not strictly necessary.

If you are using the multi-inflation system, they can help to lessen the slight bend that all air awnings can experience in a wind. They also serve as a useful hanging point.

With the single inflation system, the extra tubes you get should be enough to counter any bend.

Two inner tents can be fitted inside the awning on either side, for extra storage or to provide you with more sleeping space.

Options include the single inflation kit (£99), an inner tent (£49), the universal canopy pole kit (£39), breathable flooring (£69) and a high-volume pump (£50).

The Westfield Gemini 390 Pro weighs 17.6kg, it is 390cm wide and 250cm deep, it has a fixing height of 235-250cm, a pack size of 100cm x 30cm x 29cm and access is through its central door.