Amazingly, there are caravanners out there for whom Carlights are too mass-produced and Airstreams too bland. The simple truth of the matter is that while the motorhome market will build you pretty much whatever you want (if you have deep pockets), there is no equivalent in the caravan world. There is no über-caravan. Knaus Tabbert’s £500,000 Caravisio, which headlined at last year’s NEC Show, comes close, but it’s a one-off.

So what is a super-discerning caravanner to do if they want to cause a stir on site? Dorset-based boat-builder Chris Ward of Wildwood Design thinks he has the answer. Rock up to your average campsite with one of his bowtop wagons in tow, and you’re going to get noticed.

It’s called the Twagon, and it’s an intriguing fusion of tradition and modernity. It might look like something you’d expect to find next to its horse in some utopian meadow or on glamping holidays, but in fact it’s hand-built in the 21st century using modern materials.