FOR ANYONE who’s had frustrations with dongles and, particularly, on-site Wi-Fi access, help is at hand.

The Z-200 WiFi Adapter from Zead is a wireless signal booster. Simply plug it into your laptop computer and it will boost your range so that you can pick up signals up to 1km away.

It certainly overcomes a challenge on many sites, where there may be a Wi-Fi signal, but one that may not be strong enough to reach the outer edges of the site (or even beyond the bar or main reception areas, in some cases).

The Z-200 also doubles the capability of most laptop computers, which typically can only pick up signals within a 50-metre radius.

The Z-200 kit comes with 5db and 9db antennas, an extension base and USB 2.0 connection as well as a user manual and appropriate drivers for the initial set-up (although these might not necessarily be needed).

Alternatively, if you use 3G rather than Wi-Fi, Zead supplies a 3.5G dongle, at around the same price.

In use, tested on a campsite, the Z-200 works well. You can also enhance its performance by mounting the aerial as high as possible with a clear sight of any transmitter.

For more information, go to the Zead website or call 07858 292 070.