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Caravan, Tow Car, Accessories, and Awning Reviews

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For event shelters on a budget, check out Practical Caravan's Easy Camp Pavilion review – a good choice for weekend caravan breaks, rallies...


If you're searching for cheap awnings for your caravan, consider a high quality day tent – here's Practical Caravan's Khyam Screenhouse review and verdict


If you're looking at day tents for sale and you're touring in a large group, the Khyam Megatop might be what you need, says...


A light, spacious day tent that usefully comes with four clip-in sides, read more about the £150 Kampa Cabana in Practical Caravan's review


Day tents can be handy camping accessories to up your living and socialising space on tour – read on to see if the Khyam...