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Caravan, Tow Car, Accessories, and Awning Reviews

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Tow Cars

Audi Q7 2022

3500 kg Max. Tow
332 lbf-ft Torque

We've towed with the Audi Q7 before, but never one of the plug-in hybrid models. Does it match the towing ability of a diesel...

Tow Cars

Audi Q3 2021

2100 kg Max. Tow
236 lbf-ft Torque

Roomy and stable, the new Q3 has promise as a tow car, so long as fuel economy is not a priority

Tow Cars

Audi A4 Avant 2016

1900 kg Max. Tow
443 lbf-ft Torque

It's a stylish, prestige option, but what tow car ability does the Audi A4 Avant have? We hitch up this 268bhp, four-wheel-drive contender to...

Tow Cars

Audi Q7 2015

3500 kg Max. Tow
443 lbf-ft Torque

With 268bhp, a 2135kg kerbweight and seven seats, the Audi Q7 is a top tug on paper – read Practical Caravan's review to see...

Tow Cars

Audi A6 Allroad 2014

2500 kg Max. Tow
479 lbf-ft Torque

The experts at Practical Caravan reviewed Audi's updated A6 Allroad as a tow car and as a daily driver, and praised the hefty but...

Tow Cars

Audi Q7 4.2 TDi Quattro S-line Tiptronic 2008

3200 kg Max. Tow
560 lbf-ft Torque

From Towcar Awards 2008 ‘TOWING’ AND ‘QUICK’ aren’t two words which usually sit well together, but the Audi Q7 changes that. Even compared with other...