Dry Sparkle Caravan Waterless Wash Starter Pack

Dry Sparkle Caravan Waterless Wash

New caravan just bought from Van Live! Hall 1 or 2? You’d better pick up some cleaning products to keep it looking sparkly!

You can achieve an effortless sparkle in minutes with this next-generation waterless wash manufactured here in the UK. Dry Sparkle has revolutionised caravan cleaning with a unique eco-friendly yet exceptionally effective formula that will leave your van gleaming for longer.

It saves time too – simply spray a fine mist onto the bodywork, and wipe away – no scrubbing needed. The powerful polymers leave a lasting polish and a thin protective layer that helps prevent dust, dirt and water from settling between cleans.

With no Carnauba Wax or harsh chemicals, Dry Sparkle Caravan Waterless Wash is safe to use on all bodywork, acrylic windows, bumpers, alloy wheels, paint and GRP, and can be safely used indoors or on arrival at your campsite.

No need for a hose, buckets or large sponges and polishing cloths – The Dry Sparkle Caravan Waterless Wash Starter Kit (from Prima Leisure, priced £15.00) will fit in your glove compartment and contains all you need for an effortless clean:

  • 1x High-quality trigger (twist and click)
  • 2x 300ml Bottles of Motorhome Waterless Wash
  • 2x Soft microfibre clothes (machine-washable at 40°)

Refill bottles of Caravan Waterless Wash are also available from Prima, at even better value.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Front Range Harness

Keep your furry friend safe with the Front Range Harness (£44.95) from Ruffwear, which has a new design, improved materials and funky new colours. The padded harness is easy to put on and has two leash attachment options: an aluminum V-ring centered on the dog’s back, and reinforced webbing at the dog’s chest to redirect dogs that pull on leash. There’s an easily accessed ID pocket for dog tags and reflective trim and a light loop for The Beacon™ to boost visibility in low-light conditions. The Beacon safety light (£26.95), is rechargeable and has three light modes for maximum visibility.

Top up your Alde Antifreeze

Alde Antifreeze

If you have an Alde caravan heating system, you’ll need to top up the antifreeze solution that allows it to run smoothly. Alde Premium G13 Antifreeze is pre-mixed with deionised water for the correct concentration. It’s ready to use for topping up Alde caravan and motorhome heating systems throughout winter.

After the first 2 years, Alde recommends replacing the antifreeze in the system with the G13 formula. The silicated OAT corrosion inhibitor is compatible with the silicate-containing antifreezes used as standard by most UK vendors, and provides 5-year protection.

If you are changing over the all the fluid in your van, Alde recommends that you will need an average of 12-15L to do so. Available from Prima Leisure, priced £8.99.

EchoMaster Monitor and Reversing Camera Kit

Echomaster Monitor and Reversing Camera Kit

This pedestal-mounted camera (£89) has a 170-degree viewing angle and a 4.3” screen to help you spot obstacles as you manoeuvre your car into that parking spot, avoiding nasty surprises. Halfords can wire it in, too (fitting £75). For a clearer, more reliable picture in all conditions, the camera is water and debris proof.

I Love My Caravan Scatter Cushion

I Love My Caravan scatter cushion

Who wouldn’t love one of these? Ah, cute! The Bailey scatter cushions range from Prima Leisure is perfect for contemporary furnished interiors. The subtle texture of the cushions adds a splash of colour and cosiness into your house or motorhome, making them perfect for snuggling up in front of the TV after a long day. The cushions come pre-filled with a polyester cushion pad which can easily be removed as each cushion cover is fitted with a sturdy zipper.

They make great gifts and, at £4.99 each, dare one say it in the middle of October, make inexpensive stocking fillers.

Snooper Ventura SC5900 DVR G2 Caravan & Motorhome Navigation with GPS, HD Dash Cam

The Ventura SC5900 DVR (available from Maplin, priced £299.99) has a small screen but it also comes with an HD Dash Cam. The unit continuously records the view in front of your vehicle, automatically overwriting any unsaved data. Video files can be downloaded to your PC via the Snooper Player, so you can provide video evidence of any incidents that may occur.

The device includes a large database of more than 24,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers in 31 countries and through its environmental settings will route you around low emission zones if your vehicle breaches pollution levels. You can enter up to 16 destinations on your route, including points of interest such as cash machines and AdBlue stations, and it will let you know of upcoming speed limits as well as speed and surveillance cameras with a daily updated database.

Other features include junction view, lane guidance, reversing camera link-up and Bluetooth handsfree technology.

Dometic Gas Level Checker Pen

This is a useful and small piece of kit to have on board if you carry gas bottles. From Dometic, (and available from Amazon, priced £44.95) it’s a pocket-sized pen that uses an accurate ultrasonic sensor to tell you how much gas you have left in the bottle. Very useful if you are pitched without electricity so must rely on the gas. For use on steel and aluminium bottles, propane and butane.

Smart Dash Cam

Capture video of your journey with this fully functioning dash cam app

This nifty little app will turn your mobile into a fully functioning dash cam – perfect as a back-up or for those who don’t want to shell out on a pricier purpose-built model. The app’s manual and auto recording modes allow you to capture video at different resolutions, with or without audio, and videos can be held within the app or stored on the cloud. The Smart Dash Cam costs £3.99 and is available for iOS and Android.

GoPro HERO8 Black

GoPro Hero 8 Black

It’s the action camera (£329) for a reason – superb build quality, excellent performance and smart styling. The HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilisation and ability to tap through four different lenses, make the HERO8 arguably the most versatile and high-performance camera on the market.

Outwell Collaps Wash Bowl

Outwell Collaps Wash Bowl

All Outwell Collaps Tableware is BPA-free ensuring the whole range of camping kitchenware is made from non-toxic materials. Collaps fold flat tableware continues to be popular for its smart looks and ingenious combination of material and innovative designs. The Collaps Washing Bowl is ideal for dishwashing after a meal and collapses completely flat when not in use; it is also break resistant, easy to clean and opens and folds in seconds. Available from Prima Leisure in green or turquoise blue, priced £14.77.

Isabella Air Arc Sun Canopy

Isabella Air Arc Sun Canopy

Is simple and straightforward your thing? If you’re heading off south for some winter sun, maybe you don’t want to travel long distance with the weight of a full awning, or feel you need one when there’s guaranteed sunshine. If so, the new Isabella Air Arc is the perfect choice for you. It’s easy to put up, so it won’t be long before you’re ready to enjoy your holiday at your campsite.

The Isabella Air Arc, with a depth of 260cm, is made up solely of air beams and roof fabric and you just have to pump it up in one place using the Isabella Air pump supplied. This sun canopy is made from a well-known material called Isacryl, which is a lightweight, robust, dyed material, whose colours retain their beauty for many years to come.

Click here to find your nearest Isabella retailer.

Fiamma Soap Dispenser

Fiamma Soap Dispenser

In these days of needing to be super-clean, hands-free, the Fiamma Soap Dispenser is the perfect accessory for any caravan bathroom. This transparent container has the ability to hold 200ml of refillable liquid soap or shampoo.  With a practical push button pump for easy use, you can pump around 100 doses. Complete with a self-adhesive fixing strip, this dispenser is easy to install and will be ready to use in no time! Available from Prima Leisure, priced £12.07.

Vango Stryd 22 Daysack

Vango Stryd 22 Rucksack

You don’t need a great, weighty rucksack when all you’re after is somewhere to keep your camera dry and a water bottle for a day’s walk along the canal towpath. The Vango Stryd 22 rucksack (£25.00) is sleek and simple, offering contemporary styling and traditional features. With premium components and Vango’s durable Heritage fabric, it’s designed to stay looking good whether you pack it for your day to day or a day on the hills,

There are contoured air channels and AirMesh on the rucksack straps to aid ventilation, has twin side pockets plus an organisation pocket to keep essentials safe. There’s also reflective materials to increase your visibility at night. The 22-litre daypack weighs just 0.54kg; a 26-litre sack is also available.

Isabella Director’s Chair

Isabella Director’s Chair

These smart and stylish lightweight folding chairs will certainly add some colour to your al fresco dining. The aluminium frames are covered with a 100% polyester seat and back and, while not designed for reclining leisurely, are great when you wish to sit up straight at the dining table. Priced £34.00 each from Isabella. Also available in dark grey.

Vango Embrace Chair

Vango Embrace Chair

While Isabella’s Director’s Chair is great for sitting up straight at the dining table, if, on the other hand, you fancy slouching down with a good book, you’ll be after Vango’s Embrace Chair, in which you can unwind on the campsite. It features cosy padding for that added luxury and, just as its name suggests, the Embrace chair gives you that constant comfort and hugging feel wherever you go.

The chair has a strong, steel frame with with padded polyester fabric and comes in a handled carry bag. Priced £65; Vango offers free UK delivery on orders over £50.

Mail Obsession: A Journey Round Britain by Postcode

This book is filled with the type of factoids and trivia that most of us delight in

Britain is often said to be a nation of obsessives, and none more so than writer Mark Mason, who takes us on an unusual odyssey of the UK via its 124 postcodes. The book (£2.99; Kindle edition) is filled with the type of factoids and trivia that most of us delight in and is a great read when relaxing in your van. Available from Amazon.

Milenco Optimate Solar – 12V Battery Maintainer

Milenco Solar Charger

The Milenco Optimate is considered to be the world’s most efficient and advanced 12V battery Desulfating Charger and Maintainer available. The Optimate can protect your battery and provide safe long-term maintenance, even if there is no access to an AC supply.

Maintain, charge and remove sulphate build-up in your 12V battery effectively using power from a standard solar panel (6W Solar Panel included with the kit) – the Optimate converts low solar power into high current pulses. The Optimate charge controller is separate to the panel so all process can be followed easily from the LED display.

This is the ideal device to protect, charge and maintain your leisure battery for those periods when the vehicle is not in use and you do not have access to mains power. Perfect for caravans and motorhomes, especially when touring off-grid. Available from Prima Leisure, priced £94.99.

Outwell Conversion Lead

Outwell Coversion Lead

Back to basics – need a new electric hook-up cable? Here’s a 25-metre-long mains connection lead with 16A plug and coupler, in a fetching lime-green. Priced £61.00 from Outwell. The company also sell a 15m lead, too.

Dicky Bag

Dicky Bag

Perfect for pets, this neat washable container helps prevent odours – pop bagged dog waste into it until it can be disposed of in an appropriate bin. Hand made in Cornwall, the Dicky Bag is airtight and leakproof. They’re available in varying sizes and all sorts of funky prints, priced £24-£36.

Look out for other products from Duck Soup, too, including wash kit bags, food stores, electronics bags and Wet Stores, perfect for keeping wet swim kit in until you can get it dry, or keeping your electronics dry while on the beach.

Pick up your essentials

Blue Diamond Triple Pack

You can’t leave the show without toilet rolls! Order your essentials: the 1L Triple Pack from Blue Diamond is an exceptional value pack that contains a 1L bottle of super-effective 24% formaldehyde Concentrated Blue Toilet Fluid, 1L bottle of fresh Pink Bowl Cleaner, and a twin pack of luxury Enviro-soft biodegradable toilet tissue. These two chemicals are all you really need to maintain a clean and fresh cassette toilet in your caravan or motorhome! This value pack is delivered in a liquid-sealed shippping pack. Priced £12.99 from Prima Leisure; even better value is the 2L Big Value Triple Pack for £13.99.

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