THIS SEASON, ADRIA has focused on giving its best-selling Adora range – which accounts for 60% of its UK caravan sales – a complete revamp, both inside and out.

The new, sleeker exterior features wind diffusers along the corners at the front, which merge into the grab handles. They have been designed to make the caravan easier to tow, and are partly the result of the manufacturer’s collaboration with a specialist designer of microlight aircraft.

You will also find notches on the bottom of the front panel, to guide your corner-steady winder into position, and a sleeker rear panel with LED multifunctional lights.

Inside, Adria has tried wherever possible to do away with bulkheads and partitions. Instead, it has chosen to mark out different parts of the caravan by, for example, changing the look of the convex overhead lockers – which are wood finish for the lounge and white for the kitchen.

Where there are partitions, such as across the caravan to shut off a bedroom, these are made of cloth, not plastic. Other clever innovations include cushions in the lounge that you can roll up and fix with a magnet to form a headrest. And there is a rail running around most of the caravan at waist height, onto which you can attach trays or baskets for storage – you choose where and how many.

Addition to the range

The new four-berth Adora Tiber with an inline island bed

At the season launch last year, there were only three models included – the four-berth Seine and Isonzo (the latter now featuring a roll-back island bed and a large exterior locker door) and the six-berth Sava.

This year, they are being joined by another four-berth, the Tiber, with an inline island bed and central washroom layout that is very similar to the Altea dart. The Tiber is sure to add to the allure of this exciting line-up.

Adria’s three other caravan ranges remain largely unchanged, although the Action model now comes with a graphite, rather than blue, exterior colour scheme.

Adria Mobil: A quick history

The Adria brand is among the most recognisable and popular in the European caravanning market

Adria UK is a subsidiary of Adria Mobil (part of the Trigano Group), one of the leading European manufacturers of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. Its history goes back to 1965, when the first caravan, the Adria 375, was manufactured at the firm’s factory in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

Adria Mobil specialises in the development, production and marketing of leisure vehicles. By offering a full range of services, constantly coming up with innovations and adapting products to customer needs, the firm maintains a competitive advantage, while the Adria brand is among the most recognisable and popular in the European caravanning market.

Adria UK, which is based in Sudbury, Suffolk, is largely autonomous and has a warehouse for parts, and provides after-sales support and marketing.

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