THE AWARD-WINNING Cirrus 400 Air awning – Isabella’s first venture into inflatable awnings under its own name – has been slightly updated for the 2021 season and will now be joined by its 3m-wide sibling the Cirrus 300 Air.

Like the Cirrus 400, the 300 is made of the same Isacryl material that graces Isabella’s top-notch Ambassador awnings range.

If the prospect of putting up a full awning like that, even an air awning, seems too much, the Danish company has expanded its range of sun canopies, too. The Arc and the Y canopies both come in the same North colour scheme as the Cirrus awnings.


Detail of the new Isabella Air Y sun canopy

In addition, the pole-based Loggia, at 2.7m deep, is the largest sun canopy the company has ever produced. It is put up using three carbon-fibre poles.

The washable Forum awning is making a reappearance for this season, but only as a mega-frame designed for seasonal pitches. It is one of a number of awnings available in the new Etna colour scheme, which Isabella has launched this year to replace the Flint. Isabella thinks the warm tones of Etna, which is also available on the Penta range, should go down well with those who want to use the pitch for the whole season.

The company is also reintroducing harlequin stripes, this time with an asymmetric pattern, on the side of its awnings in the Dawn, North and Etna colour schemes. Also for seasonal pitchers, Isabella is launching the Mega Space storage tent.

The new Mega Space storage tent

The firm hasn’t just been busy producing new awnings, however. Despite the lockdown, the establishment of its new 7000 square metre factory in Poland should be completed by the end of the year. Isabella hopes that this will allow it to increase production dramatically, with further expansion possible in years to come.

Isabella: A quick history

Isabella was established in 1957 by Søren Odgaard, who made a tent at home when he was unable to buy one that suited his needs. He was convinced other people would be interested in his creations and began making tents for sale.

By 1960 the company’s success meant production was transferred to bigger premises, and a year later, to an even larger plant at its current address. In 1964 Isabella’s first awning went into production, and in 1975 its first subsidiary was set up in the UK. Today the group head offices are in Denmark and over the years, a number of what Isabella calls daughter companies have been established in Europe, at locations such as Norway, Germany and Holand, with sub-companies in Sweden, Italy, France and Belgium.

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