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Can anyone tell me if a 2013 Ford Mondeo estate would tow a twin axle caravan? I'm not sure if the tow hitch is too high for the bar making the car unstable. Any advice would be much appreciated Thank you
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Hi, there are many models of Monedo estate with differing kerbweights and towing specifications. The issue with the towbar height should not be a problem as all Type Approved towbars have to conform to a set height range. Thats the same for towing a single or twin axle van. What you really need to do is check out the car's kerb weight, its maximum towed weight, gross train weight, and the caravan MTPLM. For someone new to towing caravan the advice is that the MTPLM of the caravan should be within 85% of the car's kerb weight or less. Many car makers quote a towed weight far higher than should be actually towed as it relates to the cars ability to restart on a defined gradient. Hence the 85% guidance. What type of licence do you have. You should check whether it allows you to tow an outfit of above 3500kg, or less than 3500kg. And the 3500kg is the sum of the car's gross weight, or maximum authorised mass, and the caravans MTPLM. Its not what they actually weigh its what they are plated at.

I have had two Mondeo estates and they were fine tow cars, and later models are too. But you have to stick within the limits and the law.
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As Clive says re weights. Your MTPLM may be not much more than a single axle or be considerably more. When we went for the weight upgrade for our van we got an extra 105kg payload thus making the MTPLM quite high. Check the weights out and you'll have your answer. With my outfit which is quite a lump of a tow car we're still at about 90%.
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As has been said you need to know the weights of the car and caravan to say if it is a match, but there are very few twin axle caravans a Mondeo can safely tow. The car needs a kerb weight heavier than the MTPLM caravan and for a beginner the recommendation is by 85%. This is not a legal requirement and exceeding it by a modest amount should be safe but do not take risks with far higher figures.
The hitch centre of the towball should be between 395 and 495 mm from the ground when hitched. Provided the car has the correct commercial tow bar fitted it should be within this, but if you have any doubts you will need to measure it.
As Clive says you need to have the correct licence to go over 3,500 gross train weight which I think is almost inevitable with a twin axle.
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I'm sorry Ray but you have the wrong height figures. Please see

Figures 30 and 31.

When loaded and hitched, the centre of the tow-ball should settle between 350 and 420mm vertically from the ground. Commercial vehicles and some large 4x4's are exempt from this requirement. Figure 30

The figures of 395 and 495 mm. Ray gave relate to the design of the trailer/caravan and when the trailers floor is level. the hitch must settle between 395 and 495 mm. Figure 31

Because of the difference in these two sets of figures, trailers will not necessarily be level when hitched to a tow vehicle., in fact is its perfectly within the regulations fro a trailer to have a towing attitude from slightly nose down to slightly nose up.

Whilst in general twin axle caravan's do tend to be larger and have greater MTPLM's than single axle caravan's it is not always the case. It is the designers/manufacturers choice whether to go for SA or TA for a particular model. The perception is that TA's will be a more upmarket product.

There are plenty of examples of SA caravans with greater masses then twin axles, so the converse can also be true. Bessecarr had a range of quite light caravans with TA's, and other manufacturers manage quite heavy caravans on a single axle.

In all of this good towing is not just about weight ratio's, you must also consider nose load, vehicle (both tow vehicle and trailer) condition, and driving habits.
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Hi there Drummerboy2 and welcome to the Practical Caravan forum – thanks for posting!

As the others have said, it depends on which year, model and spec your tow car has, and which twin-axle caravan (year, make, model) you're considering!

Hope we've not scared you off with all these long posts – it's all essential information! Our video on outfit-matching is here and might be of some use? As might this article.

Hope that helps!
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