• The Škoda Superb: the best real-world tow car?
    Practical Caravan – The Škoda Superb: the best real-world tow car? - If you're wondering what tow car to buy, our Motty says the Škoda Superb should be on your shortlist – find out why! (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)

    "What tow car is the best?" We're asked this a lot and our expert has now found a car he can't argue against – here's the case for the Škoda Supe …

  • Touring in the rain
    Practical Caravan – Touring in the rain – 1 - Practical Caravan's Ford S-Max and Bailey Pursuit 570-6 proved to be a great outfit for this Dorset adventure (© Paul Regan/Practical Caravan)

    Wet caravan holidays? We've all been there! But at least our long-term Bailey Pursuit 570-6 was there to save the day when the summer sun deserted Dorset

  • How to save money on your summer caravan holidays
    Practical Caravan – How to save money on your summer caravan holidays - Save money on your caravan holidays this summer with our top tips! (© Jenny Owen/Practical Caravan)

    Summer can be the best but also the most expensive time to enjoy caravan holidays – read on as we share a few top tips to help you get more for less

  • First drive: Renault Koleos
    Practical Caravan – First drive: Renault Koleos – 1 - The all-new Renault Koleos starts at £27,500 – but what tow car abilities does it have? (© Renault/Practical Caravan)

    The Renault Koleos is back, but can it compete with the best SUVs in a highly competitive market? Let's take a drive to see what tow car potential it has

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Coachman Vision 450 Plus

The Practical Caravan Coachman Vision 450 Plus review – 1 - This two-berth tourer has a 166kg payload and a 5.28m body length (© Phil Russell/Practical Caravan)
4.5 stars


Adria Alpina 613UC Missouri

The Practical Caravan Adria Alpina 613 UC Missouri review – 1 - The new-for-2017 Missouri has clean, modern styling and is noticeably wider than rivals – its bodywork should also be resistant to dents (© Nigel Hutson/Practical Caravan)
3.0 stars


Alaria RI

The Practical Caravan Alaria RI review – 1 - The 2017 Alaria RI has an MTPLM of 1825kg and is priced at £33,074 – read our review to see if it's worth the outlay (© Peter Baber/Practical Caravan)
3.5 stars


Swift Elegance 530

The Practical Caravan Swift Elegance 530 review – 1 - Its 1661kg MTPLM means the 2017 Swift Elegance 530 isn't light, but it's also heavy on luxury which ups its appeal (© Practical Caravan)
3.5 stars


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