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Hymer Nova 470GL

Hymer Nova 470GL - The Hymer Nova offers great build quality, meaning it's no lightweight van (© Practical Caravan)
4.0 stars


Lunar Quasar 696

Lunar Quasar 696 live-in test - That snazzy side window you can see at the nearside front is actually a fake, so the interior wall is left free for placing the TV (© Practical Caravan)
4.0 stars


Lunar Quasar 696 T/A

Lunar Quasar 696 T/A - Some might want for a proper nearside window, but the large front gas locker is welcome. Neat graphics and smart alloys look good (© Practical Caravan)
4.5 stars


Wheelhome Dashaway

Wheelhome Dashaway - The electrically operated roof is raised via a switch by the door (© Practical Caravan)
4.5 stars


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