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Elddis Avanté 454

Elddis Avanté 454 - The Avanté looks good with quality moulded front and rear panels (© Practical Caravan)
4.5 stars


Bailey Discovery D4-2

Bailey Discovery D4-2 - The Discovery is a quirky looking tourer, with an awning that stretches right around to the rear (© Practical Caravan)
4.0 stars


Sprite Super Quattro EB

Sprite Super Quattro EB - The EB's curvaceous exterior, with three windows, a large sunroof and smart graphics, rather belies its entry-level price band (© Practical Caravan)
4.5 stars


Lunar Clubman ES

Lunar Clubman ES - Luxurious seating and large windows help to make the Lunar Clubman ES a bright and comfortable living space (© Practical Caravan)
4.0 stars


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