If your current caravan heater is lacklustre or you want a bit of extra warmth, having a portable unit can be handy. Small, low-wattage options are perfect for popping in your caravan if you’re touring in the cold and can be used in awnings to make chilly evenings more comfortable. 

There are plenty of models on the market, but most are corded electric and will plug into an outlet, ideally when you’re hooked up on a site. The most common type of heating technology used is ceramic fans, which give efficient and effective heating even from smaller units.

You could also consider radiator-style heaters, both oil and oil-free. A benefit of oil-free radiators is that they cool down quicker and there is less risk of a rupture. Oil radiators retain their heat for longer after being turned off, which can be an upside for efficient heating.

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The best caravan heaters:

De’Longhi TRNS0505M Oil Filled Radiator 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Reason to buy: Great for small spaces 

Reason to avoid: Thermostat is not as stable as digital models

De’Longhi have long since been a household name who offer reliable and efficient appliances. This radiator is no exception, equipped with 500-watt heat output and 230V through a mains-operated plug. The low wattage makes it a great choice for a caravan heater and the built-in overheat protection gives you extra piece of mind in terms of safety. 

At 5.5kg and measuring ‎15.16 x 6.81 x 13.39 cm, it’s nice and compact plus the large carry handles make it safe and easy to transport. To operate the heater, there is a manual switch and a dial with 6 settings. The large surface area means that heat is distributed rapidly and the thermostat gradually increases the temperature until the desired level is reached.

Kampa Diddy Portable Heater 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Reason to buy: Very efficient and lightweight 

Reason to avoid: Might not be sufficient for heating a large space

Another low wattage option comes from outdoors experts, Kampa. This “diddy” heater has a maximum of 1500w and a low of 700w, with a dial to control the settings. The unit measures ‎13.78 x 11.02 x 13.78 cm and weighs just 1.16kg, making it the perfect compact caravan heater. Equipped with an energy efficient heating element that’s powered by corded electric, the Kampa Diddy will warm your space quickly without draining energy or your money. 

You can rest easy knowing that it’s a safe choice for your caravan, with a thermal overheat protection device as well as a tip over protection switch.

Dreo Space Heater 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Reason to buy: Handy remote control and clear digital display

Reason to avoid: The powerful fan can be loud  

If you’re after something with a bit more precision when it comes to temperature control, this Dreo model might suit you. With up to 1500W of power, the unit has a built-in digital thermostat that can be set between 5℃ to 35℃ and can be operated via the touch control panel or with the remote control. This model has lots of thoughtful details, including a timer (up to 12 hours), a removable and cleanable filter and 3 fan speeds. 

Using 9 blades and a brushless motor, the fan is quiet and efficient, oscillating at 70° to evenly distribute heat. Attention has been paid to the safety features too, with overheat protection, tip-over safety protection, flame-retardant materials and an enhanced safety plug.

Pro Breeze Mini Heater

Image courtesy of Amazon

Reason to buy: Cheap to run and able to fit on surfaces as well as the floor

Reason to avoid: Only suitable for small spaces

This compact 500W heater is a good low-wattage choice, built with efficient ceramic elements for optimum heating despite its compact size. At ‎11 x 17 x 20.5 cm and 710 grams, it’s easily portable and has a mains input of 220V-240V. Temperature is controlled by an adjustable dial on the unit and the heater comes with a built-in thermostat.

The Pro Breeze’s safety features include overheat protection and an anti tip-over switch. The fan is covered by strong metal mesh and delivers effective targeted heat rather than intense oscillation. 

Dimplex Eco Chico Mini Radiator

Image courtesy of Amazon

Reason to buy: Very economical to run and reaches desired temperature quickly

Reason to avoid: May be too heavy for some

A good option if you want a mid-wattage heater is this oil-free heater from Dimplex. The mini radiator operates on a 700W output and has an adjustable dial for accurate temperature control. The oil-free heating technology is better for the environment and offers more efficient heating than oil-filled counterparts. It’s on the heavier side, at 5.4kg, and measures ‎11.65 x 7.64 x 17.56 cm, so it’s not as easily portable as other models on the market.

You can set the thermostat and the unit will monitor the temperature in the room and work efficiently to maintain it. This heater also includes a safety cut function and is tested to British Electrotechnical Approvals Board standards. 

Russell Hobbs Retro Ceramic Heater

Image courtesy of Amazon

Reason to buy: Unique design and powerful for a small heater

Reason to avoid: Relatively small heat output area

For a trendy twist on a functional caravan heater, look no further than this Scandi-inspired unit from Russell Hobbs. The heater offers 750W or 1500W outputs and uses convection heating technology along with ceramic-based electrical heating elements. With an adjustable thermostat dial and a fan only setting, this gadget is easy to use and can be handy all year round. 

You can put your mind at ease with the overheat and tip-over protection features, as well as the included one year guarantee from Russell Hobbs. The dimensions of the heater are 16.5 x 27 x 21.5 cm and at 1.78kg it’s a great little addition to your caravan that adds a splash of style. 

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